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  1. Black Sand Retreat, Lembeh ticks all your boxes. Been there three times and would go again tomorrow if I could. Very boutique - only seven rooms. Per the name - muck diving off the beach, two to one guide if you request it but we found that often happens anyway as we have never found it busy. PM me anytime.. Bruce, the owner is an avid photographer so he knows what we want
  2. Very well done - you deserve a medal!
  3. As requested in your PM, here is my photo of this shrimp - it is a pretty big crop from the original so hope it looks OK. I have only found one other photo and it was on the same species of ascidian and taken in Lembeh. I should have been a little more clear, the shrimp expert's ID was tentative but he was definite that it has not been scientifically described.
  4. Hi Elias I have a similar photo (but just one shrimp) taken in Lembeh. It is not on coral but on a colonial ascidian inside which it lives I believe. It has not been described but for the time being is considered to be Periclimenaeus sp. I found a specialist in the Netherlands who provided this the ID for me. The photo has since been used by Andrey Ryanskiy in his ID guide to Coral Reef Crustaceans. Hope this helps.
  5. Oxycheilinus digramma - cheeklined wrasse
  6. Sorry, no. Apols - Should have removed it.
  7. Hi again Have PM'd you re payment. Strangely your post with your address is there in my email but has not appeared in the Wetpixel thread. A drinking session with Fiona - that would be a heavy night. Been on a few trips with her. Still in touch - she was a neighbour of ours in Coldingham for many years and used to dive with us often off my boat.. Bob Clay has sadly died but you probably heard that already. Agreed Pete was one amazing skipper and is one of the few locals who actually was really interested in everything to do with the sea in his patch - he could read all the signs from water movement, bird behaviour and such like and know exactly when slack water would start and finish. He was pretty outrageous as you doubtless realise and I could tell you a few good, unprintable but hilarious stories. Thanks - yes am on iNaturaist - pretty useful for tricky ID's. Am also on Flickr - flickr.com/photos/jim1 Jim
  8. Thanks Tony - small world. Jack laws was a regular buddy from the early 60's but gave up diving some years back. Still in good shape though @ age 85. Pete Gibson not so good however. Nice Flickr portfolio - enjoyed a peep at that. You didn'y provide your preferred postal method.....? Jim
  9. Sorry, my fault, Tony. Forgot it had been reduced already. Yes will sell for £100 + postage . I am away from home at the moment and will be back Friday p.m. Will then package it up and let you know the final figure. Have you a preferred shipping option? Jim
  10. Yes still avaiable. I was thinking of sticking it on Ebay and have been checking it over again. I find there is a faint scuff mark at the 9 o'clock position about 1 inch from the outer exterior circumference (if that makes sense). Don't know how I missed it before and apologies for that. Am sure it will easily polish out but if it were mine I would not bother because it will never show on photos. Other than that it is immaculate and like new. Price therefore reduced to £175.
  11. Only items remaining are as follows: 1. Sea & Sea compact dome port. Have noted two tiny dings - and I mean tiny! One near the centre and the other (more of a slight scuff really) about 3.5cms from the perimeter. Will easily polish out if you want to go to that trouble. ** Price therefore reduced to £100** 2. Ikelite iTTL adapter £25 3 Ikelite to Nikon-style brand new sync cord £30 NB I have a 100% record on Ebay in over 200 transactions
  12. Sorry to be dim but is a com port another name for a Nikonos-type bulkhead. Never heard of that before. FWIW, I use a 5d3 & 2 Inons in manual mode without any problems
  13. Sea&Sea zoom gear 31107 for Nikkor ED 12-24mm f4G(IF), NX Standard macro port and 4cms port extension now all SOLD
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