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  1. Thanks Pomacentridae, very helpful. Got a prompt reply from them as follows: Reef Fishes of the East Indies sent Today at 3:07 AM You will have access to a new, updated version for Android. We had to remove it from both Google Play and the Apple App Store due to update requirements. That's why it stopped working. The new, updated versions are in development and will have more content as well. Please give us several weeks and you will be able to update your versions soon. Stay tuned -
  2. I had the Android version and that also stopped working but earlier than Jan 2020. If I recall correctly, it cost about £35 sterling and I only had use of it for about 12 months. It vanished from Playstore also. I eventually found the contact details of the cpreators and emailed them asking for my app to work or my money back. As expected no reply. What a rip-off; put them down as a load of scheisters. Could you possibly give me their current contact details so I can try again? PM me if you wish Thanks in advance
  3. I would urge caution about going down the Sea & Sea route despite your previous experiences. There are plenty of threads on here about the poor reliability of their more modern models and extremely poor and slow customer support. I go along with Tim's view of Inon but have no experience of Retra
  4. There used to be a resident photo "pro" at Buddy Dive who you could hire kit from and/or pay for 1:1 instruction. Don't know anything about his abilities or even if he is still there. Last time I saw him was three years ago.
  5. As for quality, I have used Aquatica for about 25 yrs. They are very robust and my current one - Canon 5d mk 3/5dsr - has access to all controls and is well designed. I don,t have their vac system but use a Leak Sentinel which is A1 and a lot cheaper I think than Aquatica or Nauticam. I have two main gripes: the size of their 8ins dome and shade is ridiculously big and their lack of representation so, in the UK and a lot of Europe I think, it is difficult to impossible to find a dealer who has stock that you can have a look at. Maybe better over your way. Good luck, I,m jealous of your new camera!
  6. Personally much prefer two single cables. You could be screwed on a trip if you just relied on a double and it went tits up.
  7. As Dave says. Just your normal prescription, nothing special to correct for water. Bifocals if you require them too (which I have used for years).
  8. +1 for the Vivid. Used it almost from its inception. Great bit of kit and phenomenal service from Miso
  9. Always do house reef diving in the Maldives and lots of macro; don,t find the boat trips very photographer friendly and you often get dumped mob-handed in a raging current. Tons of macro subjects and you get to know where things are so you can go back and try different angle, lighting etc. Fish are used to divers and snorkelers and many are very approachable. Good luck
  10. Which bit of the East coast is 19c at the mo? We are talking about the UK here, not the Caribbean! If it is that temperature, you think about a shortie! Personally, diving off E Scotland, I abandoned gloves/mits altogether after about May for all the reasons that concern you. It is not so bad after the initial couple of minutes - give it a try. But I do recommend control knob extenders as mentioned above.
  11. Exactly the same as Tim with my 240's. Just do it at a battery change. I use a wired connection and once the plugs are in place in the housing and the Inon's, I don't take them out routinely for cleaning/greasing. Never had any issues ar all with these or previous makes of flash . Good luck.
  12. As you are on budget, don't underestimate the cost of diving in the Maldives. I have shore dived a lot there and in my experience it is a bit of a ripoff. You would need a qualified buddy or a paid for guide to do that. If not you would have to go on a boat trip which is about $15 a shot extra and then be buddied up with somebody not of your choosing and maybe playing follow my leader with some hardly wet behind the ears, so-called dive master. Which is why I shore dive there!
  13. Defo the vacuum system. I really think it is the best addon I ever bought although my 45 degree VF runs it close. I bought a Vivid Leak Sentinel very soon after it was launched and cannot praise it enough. Nor the service that Miso gives from Slovenia which is exemplary. Don't let the location or possible language difficulties put you off. Postal service is quick and Miso,s English is top notch
  14. Vlad I take my Sentinel off and reinstall on my Aquatica housing regularly for cleaning, travel etc. It is dead simple and really a non-event
  15. About a year ago, I moved from LR6 to the subscription package. I read a few articles about the process and went ahead with fingers crossed. Just followed the Adobe prompts on screen and with a couple of minor hangups, it all loaded smoothly. It has all worked well since with the exception of the upgrades that come out periodically. Some have been a real PITA with multiple attempts to download them but suddenly they load without me altering anything. The last upgrades however went smoothly. Good luck.
  16. For years I have used a fibreglass scratch pen/pencil. Works really well and shift all the green corrosion and gunk that you get on pins. And as the glass threads work like a propelling pencil, you can wind them out to get right down to the bottom of a bulkhead if necessary. Only the size of a normal pen so I always take one on trips. Amazon UK have them at about £3.50. Wouldn't be without one.
  17. First class. Lots of things I have photographed in Scotland. Well done
  18. What Stig says above. Kevin repaired my Z240 and all has been fine since. Good turn round time too
  19. Had mine a few months and very pleased. Echo comments above. Factory calibration was spot on and I was able to produce accurate prints from day 1. Don't see any need to recal yet
  20. Fishbase has announced it is in financial difficulties and has laid off many of its expert staff until further notice. I tried to copy and paste their announcement but couldn't do it. You can see it on their home page at www.fishbase.org. They exist solely on grants and donations from governments and scientific bodies and have been appealing for additional funds for a while. This is a huge, worldwide, multi-lingual, free resource and covers every known species of fish. It is used extensively by the scientific community as well as amateurs like me who want to know what fish they have seen or photographed. Underwater photographers have contributed hugely to its database of images and I know many who use it frequently. It will be an enormous loss if it ultimately folds.
  21. Yes, used them for years. However I was stuck with manual exposures for my Canon gear. You may have more scope with Nikon kit.
  22. Another vote for Leak Sentinel. I was an early adopter soon after it came out. I can honestly say it is the most worthwhile add-on bit of kit I have ever bought. I use it with an Aquatica system and have upgraded to the Mk 4. Have never had any false positives; it has all operated flawlessly Like others have commented above, Miso is brilliant in terms of service, assistance and advice - I needed a small spare part recently which he supplied FOC despite my unit being about five years old. Promptly too - two days from Slovenia to UK.. I am very impressed. And don't be put off by any thoughts of a language barrier - his written English is as good as most stuff you see on Wetpixel!
  23. As I recall, this method of "harvesting" bluefin tuna is the tuna fishermen's response to the EU's limp-wristed attempts to protect the very seriously endangered population of this spectacular fish in the Mediterranean. I think they put a size limit on what could be landed or some such thing. Of course, there are few big mature tuna left so this system of rounding up the juveniles and fattening them up was developed. This has gone on for years and the EU's response.....zilch. But what would you expect from this inept organisation which supports and funds the boats used in overfishing around the world, primarily by the enormous Spanish fleet. I take objection to word "harvesting". Such a word implies that you put something back into the system or at least the item harvested is self-renewing. Neither occurs in this case, as ComeFromAway above explains, it is not sustainable and action should be taken to stop it.
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