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  1. What Stig says above. Kevin repaired my Z240 and all has been fine since. Good turn round time too
  2. Had mine a few months and very pleased. Echo comments above. Factory calibration was spot on and I was able to produce accurate prints from day 1. Don't see any need to recal yet
  3. Fishbase has announced it is in financial difficulties and has laid off many of its expert staff until further notice. I tried to copy and paste their announcement but couldn't do it. You can see it on their home page at www.fishbase.org. They exist solely on grants and donations from governments and scientific bodies and have been appealing for additional funds for a while. This is a huge, worldwide, multi-lingual, free resource and covers every known species of fish. It is used extensively by the scientific community as well as amateurs like me who want to know what fish they have seen or photographed. Underwater photographers have contributed hugely to its database of images and I know many who use it frequently. It will be an enormous loss if it ultimately folds.
  4. Yes, used them for years. However I was stuck with manual exposures for my Canon gear. You may have more scope with Nikon kit.
  5. Another vote for Leak Sentinel. I was an early adopter soon after it came out. I can honestly say it is the most worthwhile add-on bit of kit I have ever bought. I use it with an Aquatica system and have upgraded to the Mk 4. Have never had any false positives; it has all operated flawlessly Like others have commented above, Miso is brilliant in terms of service, assistance and advice - I needed a small spare part recently which he supplied FOC despite my unit being about five years old. Promptly too - two days from Slovenia to UK.. I am very impressed. And don't be put off by any thoughts of a language barrier - his written English is as good as most stuff you see on Wetpixel!
  6. As I recall, this method of "harvesting" bluefin tuna is the tuna fishermen's response to the EU's limp-wristed attempts to protect the very seriously endangered population of this spectacular fish in the Mediterranean. I think they put a size limit on what could be landed or some such thing. Of course, there are few big mature tuna left so this system of rounding up the juveniles and fattening them up was developed. This has gone on for years and the EU's response.....zilch. But what would you expect from this inept organisation which supports and funds the boats used in overfishing around the world, primarily by the enormous Spanish fleet. I take objection to word "harvesting". Such a word implies that you put something back into the system or at least the item harvested is self-renewing. Neither occurs in this case, as ComeFromAway above explains, it is not sustainable and action should be taken to stop it.
  7. I love it and use it mainly for bird photography with big lenses. The ability to crop and the stunning detail are frankly amazing. I carry it on underwater trips primarily as a back up to my 5D3 should that go down (it never has). However have used it a few times mainly for wide angle and like it a lot. I think the sweet spot is around f8 so I don't think you gain much if anything in macro as the tighter apertures generally needed for close work result in pretty noticeable diffraction. This disappears once you downsize the result to similar size to that produced by a 5D3! A lot has been made of the lack of an AA filter causing moire. This seems overdone to me and have seen it occasionally in a mild form. It is easily got rid of in post-processing.
  8. Yes it does - I have the same set up and use the housing for both bodies. Perfect fit, no adjustments or chuffing about required
  9. I use a Vivid on my 5dmk3 Aquatica - and have done since they became available. Dead easy to fit, no wiggle and does the job perfectly
  10. Saw them operating out of Tarpon Bay in April, Tim
  11. Agree with Tim. I'm in the UK too and have done mine for years that way.
  12. Agree pretty much anywhere for macro. Salt Pier excellent for wide stuff and you can now dive there anytime provided there isn't a ship loading. No palaver now about phoning through to get clearance first. Personally enjoy wide angle natural light ops. between Buddy and Capt. Don's with the huge tarpon that patrol up and down in the shallows.
  13. I use this lens for my 5D3 - and previously with the original 5D and also 5D2. I have an Aquatica set up and also add a +2 dioptre. It is a very sharp lens with great contrast. However, it is a little less sharp at the corners than the 16-35mm which many people prefer but which is much more expensive. This can be minimised by keeping your aperture at f8 or tighter, upping the ISO if necessary which is no great penalty on this camera. I use the long end for the more distant, larger subject and find it works well. I consider the 17-40 a first class cheaper solution and can recommend. No idea about video - don't even know where the switch is on the housing! Let me know if I can help more
  14. Hi Dave Seen this a few times but not in the Caribbean. Most recently in Lembeh attached to a bluespotted ray and in Anilao attached to a fringelip mullet. Neither were very happy!
  15. No. 2 is a goby - Valenciennea helsdingenii. No. 5 is a juvenile razor fish I think. Possibly a Peacock by the long first dorsal - Iniistius pavo The last one is a juvenile Unicornfish - Naso sp. Not sure which species
  16. With 1 & 4 I have been down this route before. Seen this shadowing behaviour quite regularly in Lembeh and have been advised the "shadower" is either Carangoides coeruleopinnatus or C. armatus. Personally, I think the latter. They always in my experience follow various types of Puffer. The last one is a blenny - Petroscirtes mitratus No. 2 is some form of Conger - genus Ariosoma maybe
  17. I was in your position and changed mine for Nauticam clamps. Very pleased with them after a year. I also have some I-DAS stuff (not clamps). Their kit is quite cheap but not as well finished. After every trip I have to pickle all the I-Das gear in vinegar to get the white crud off.
  18. Are there any further reports and experiences of using the Canon 5DS and/or the 5DSR underwater please? I am planning some changes to my gear and this is a possibility but there is a dearth of information about its performance underwater.
  19. Tim I have that set-up but mine has the o-ring. It grips well but, like you, I am still nervous. So I go along Elmer's route using elasticated cord attached to frequently changed, stout rubber bands round the lens (a cable tie sounds better). The lanyard also attaches to the adapter so that if the whole lot comes off and takes a dive or more likely gets knocked off, it just hangs under the camera. I don't like bits of lanyard around but in fact I never notice it once in the water and the peace of mind is well worth it. Drilling a hole sounds a good idea if you are handy at that sort of thing but the mount seems pretty crappy material to me so take care.
  20. Would love to see one of those. Well done given the conditions and your "flash" system
  21. Fits Canon 17/40 and 16/35 2.8. In great order with locking screws in place. In UK. £45 plus postage. Paypal preferred.
  22. Me too. Nice pics, great macro site and good resort. Only downside for me was when I was trying to photograph harlequin shrimps, I saw out of the corner of my eye the dive guide saw off the arm of a blue starfish and plonk it in front of my lens as food for the shrimps. I was mortified.
  23. To close this one down I can advise this has now been to Dr Helen Larson and she has given an ID of I. goldmanni. It is not a 100% ID however - she says "it looks more like I.goldmanni"
  24. The first port of call for something like this in the UK has to be Kevin Reed at Aquaphot - aquaphot.com Very helpful, knowledgeable guy. Services and repairs all major housings and does all sorts of specialist jobs..
  25. Thanks to both of you. I thought both your suggestions were possibles so am no further forward unfortunately. I need to try an Istigobius expert I think. Will report back in due course
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