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  1. Item up for sale is a NEW Nauticam optical W/A glass dome. Never been wet. Will come with the original box and everything included! $1075 shipped to the US. No international shipping! Thanks!
  2. Item up for sale is a NEW Nauticam GX8 Housing. It has never been wet. I bought it for a backup on a trip but never used it. Will come in the original box with everything included when purchased new. Price is $1,199 shipped to the US. No international shipping. Please ask any questions you may have! Thanks!
  3. Items for sale is a near new Nauticam DP4 housing that is in mint condition. The monitor was only used on 4 dives and there isn't even a scratch on it. Never flooded or any nonsense! Also included in the sale will be a Small HD DP4 monitor that has only been used 4 times also. This is a complete package and you will need nothing else! The DP4 monitor is also in mint condition. The housing will come with all manuals and everything included when purchased new. This setup was amazing. It allows you to hold the housing lower for a much more steady shot for video. I loved it...just getting rid of my whole system. Check out my other Nauticam listings. Retail on this complete package is $2000 Will ship for free to the US Please let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!
  4. The Karma won't hold a candle to the DJI Mavic. ,Much bigger and you have to use a gopro. Gopros don't work as well on drones from my experience. DJI and Autel have their stuff together. Gopro's share price is struggling and I have a feeling it's not going to get better!
  5. The dive housing isn't included and is another $50. So lame. Drop the price but don't include what normally comes with it. I honestly wouldn't trust the 30ft they say unless you are snorkeling only. You can get the dive housing on ebay for cheap from china. Used many of them and they are just as good.
  6. I agree very disappointing. I wonder if the dive housing comes with it or you have to purchase it separately. After 2 years they should have been able to do better with the image quality and video options.
  7. Price drop to $2500. That's $1000 off retail for a housing that is in almost new condition. Awesome deal!!!
  8. Up for sale is a Nauticam 180 degree straight viewfinder with diopter adjustment. This viewfinder is used but in mint condition. There isn't a scratch on it and the glass is perfect. The viewfinder will come with both front and rear rubber caps and a neoprene storage bag. I also just put a brand new set of o-rings on it. The viewfinder is awesome!!! Willing to part with for $850 with free shipping to the US. Thanks for looking!
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