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  1. I really appreciate the help, Tony and Dan. I guess I'll lay off on my plans for wreck pictures on this budget/camera. Or at least until I understand underwater photography better. The Epoque kit is exactly what I was looking for, I didn't know they called it a "slave sync". I'm fairly certain I'll go with the strobe kit, camera, and housing as described. I'll look at/for other 'slave sync' strobes, because 5-6 sec refresh time seems to be long enough for any moving thing you're shooting to swim away. As for filters and adapters, I'll need to research them more. I'm only familiar w the basic filters for my landbound SLR camera. Don't fisheye pictures require correction to remove distortion? or is it acceptable Thanks again, Tom
  2. I'm looking for a rig that will cost a maximum of $1000 firm, including shipping. I've gone up and up w each of estimates, but I can't afford to pay more than that. I thought I had it picked out as the Canon PowerShot A80, but then couldn't configure an external strobe to work. I've done a lot of research on all the sites I can and my best ideas are as follows: While I'll eventually want to go deeper, the housing needs to be rated for at least 130'. The most imporant buttons should be available, including power. A digital camera that works well topside out of the housing, for other outdoor activities, with a miniumum megapixelage of 4, going as low as a 3.1 if the quality of the pickup is indifferentiable. The smaller the camera, the better, as I don't want to be lugging around a huge rig that becomes the centerpiece of my dive. My reasoning for wanting an external strobe is to be able to take shots of wrecks from a distance at depth, as most internal flashes won't get past ~10'. Lastly a 256MB card, which i'll pick up from a memory dealer. If there are good external strobes that will work with the Powershot series, I'll give it another look, but right now I need to make a decision within the next 4 days. Much thanks in advance, Tom
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