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  1. Thanks for the enquiries but the housing is now sold. Regards, Lance
  2. I've upgraded and have the following housing for sale Aquatica 5D Mk II Housing recently serviced with new seals and the following Moisture alarm Handles Hydrophone 2 x Nikonos Bulkhead fittings OR 1 x Ikelite Bulkhead fitting (Choose) Port cover plate Deep spring set Spare parts/seal kit Price $1600.00us plus postage. I'm happy to post it International if needed. lance@closedcircuitdivers.com.au
  3. Hi, I would like to hear from anyone who has had any experience with the Sony NX30 and Gates housing. The specs are appealing and the low light performance seems to be a good choice. Thanks, Lance
  4. The marks go all the way around the perimeter of the glass moving toward the center at varing amounts as per the pic and not restricted to any particular location. It's definitely on the outside so there is no chance of the lens cap off gassing. I tried a commercial grade water stain remover at 50/50 and then 100% (as per the instructions) and it made no difference which is how I came to arrive at the conclusion it's not a mineral buildup. I have paid particular attention to looking after the housing and the port. It's a big investment and one I hope will last me a lot longer!! I'd say it has done around 90 dives mostly in seawater and a few in freshwater and has always been rinsed and dried after. Regards, Lance
  5. I'm not sure how it's sealed......The edge of the glass seems to have been ground to rough it where it's glued into a grove in the support plate. I have studied the marks and they are definitely only on the outside and go all the way around the port so it's not just in one place. I hadn't noticed the marks before and it was only when I held it up to a light when I was cleaning it that I saw them for the first time. Regards, Lance
  6. As suggested by Jean, I rubbed a small area with the marks with some hard water stain remover and it made no difference. I'm now waiting to hear from him what to do next......... Regards, Lance
  7. I've been servicing my Aquatica 5D MkII housing. When I started cleaning the Mega Dome Port and held it up to the light I can see opaque marks emanating from the outer edge. I tried rubbing it off thinking it could have been a water stain but it seems to be under the coating. It's got me concerned as I have had the port for a couple of years now and have paid particular attention to looking after it. Anyone know what it could be and what can be done about it?? I've tried emailing Aquatica but the email bounced back!! Thanks, Lance
  8. Thankyou to everyone who has inquired about this system but it is now SOLD Regards, Lance
  9. There has been some interest in the setup but it's still here waiting for a new home. Everything is charged up and ready to go........
  10. I am selling this Professional UW Video System as I have a lot of overseas traveling this year and I have decided to get a smaller compact system. It has not had a lot of work and the camera counter is showing 31hrs total time. I'd like to sell the complete system but will sell the camera and housing without the lights, arms, brackets etc if you don't require them. Sony PMW-EX1 Camera All original accessories, cables, charger and manual. 1 x 8GB SIS memory card (unused) 2 x RAW SIS - SD Adapters 2 x RAW 16GB Memory cards 1 x RAW SD - USB Adapter 1 x Sony BP-U30 Battery (std battery) 1 x Sony BP-U60 Battery (long life battery) Gates Nanoflash mounting kit, cables and manual (Nanoflash not included) Gates EX1 Housing SP44 Std dome port with cover (never used) SPW44 Super Wide dome port with cover and buoyancy collar (in perfect condition) Moisture alarm Hydrophone Diopter set Gates Seal Check system EM43 High Res monitor Original weights Manuals 2 x Gates/Pelican Cases 2 x TillyTec Video 2000 Lights Ultralight arms and mounts 2 x TillyTec MPL-TTII Li-Fe batteries (Gives 3 hours lighting) Carry bags and chargers The buyer pays for the shipping. I have an International TNT account and can get extremely competitive rates if needed. Price for the whole system $15,000Au Price less the Lights and arms etc $12,500Au It's a great system and has served me well for the time I have had it. Everything is in perfect condition and would suit a new buyer so this is a bargain at less than 1/2 the new price. If you'd like to know anything about any of these items or would like any more pics please email me at lance@closedcircuitdivers.com.au Regards, Lance
  11. No matter how deep or how long you intend to dive you ALWAYS carry bail out gas. The size of the tank will depend on the expected duration of the dive and how long the decompression commitment should you go into deco. Some agencies don't allow Air Diluent Divers to undertake decompression diving until they step up to Mixed Gas or Mod2. But some do!! Make sure you get the most for your money and Make sure to check ALL your options before you part with the folding stuff!! Contact me if you'd like any further info. Regards, Lance
  12. Hi Jean, It's the newer type II and it's way too loose. Regards, Lance
  13. I just received my new 18771 Focus Ring today and went to fit it only to find it is too loose and freely slides over the lens ring. Has anyone else had a similar problem with theirs?? Regards, Lance
  14. I use a 14mm and a 16-35mm. They are both nice lenses and have their place but for general wide shots you will be happy with the results from the 16-35mm. Not to mention the difference in price!! Regards, Lance
  15. Hi Deb, I have been using a 14mm and a 16-35mm and really like them both. It relly depends on what you're wanting to shoot which determins which lens to use. I mostly use the 14mm for deep wreck shots with low light and the 16-35mm for general shots with lots of light. But that's just my preference...... Regards, Lance
  16. I have a feeling the Gates will go a long way past 100m without any trouble but the port float might not come back looking like it was before you took it down. Regards, Lance
  17. We were out at Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea with a group of Scientists from The University of Queensland. Osprey Reef is an underwater mountain rising up from 1500-2000m and has some unique deep wave formations carved in it from before the sea levels rose, covering them. Since then the coral has been building layer upon layer and is now only just below the surface at low tide. The Scientists were interested in viewing these wave formations and I also retreived some ancient coral samples which are now back at the University being dated and analyzed. Regards, Lance
  18. If you want to film down to 100m then your options are seriously limited. Extreme pressures and low ambient light will require you to start looking at some of the higher end equipment. Start scrimping and you're going to end up with a soggy mess or gloomy video leaving you wondering why you even bothered. Here is a pic taken of me returning from a film shoot at 156m recently. Regards, Lance
  19. I had similar problems trying to get the perfect picture and was frustrated breath holding trying to get the subject closer without scaring it away with my plume of bubbles when I exhaled. That was until I got a rebreather and I have never looked back!! Regards, Lance
  20. BUMP..... I am still looking....... Regards, Lance
  21. Like the title says I am looking for an Aqua View Finder if anyone has one they would like to part with. Regards, Lance
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