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  1. Thanks for the advice Scubag and James: The links to the shutter lag info at Imaging Resource were extremely helpful and quantitative. I could never evaluate the cameras to that level of detail in the store. The cameras both have advantages in different areas. The Canon S60 is substantially faster than the Olympus 5060 for prefocus shots like I take at swim meets (.084 vs. .254 sec) and single RAW shots (2.67 vs. 9.25 sec). However, the Olympus slaughters the Canon for cycle time for continuous mode RAW shots (.33 vs. 1.30 sec). It should be noted that this cycle time is only good for 2 to 4 shots before both cameras slow down to clear their buffers. The shutter lag analysis really points out the strong and weak points of the different cameras. Per James’ advice I am heading to the camera store at lunchtime for a test drive. Thanks again,
  2. I am a beginner to UW photography and looking at cameras for the dive trip to Grand Cayman next week. Want something small to go in my pocket for land pictures with little or no shutter lag for taking swim meet pictures. Want somthing that takes decent UW pics too. Leaning toward the Canon Powershot S60 because it is small and has an UW setting for the white balance. However, I keep reading about the Olympus 5050 in the forums and how everyone likes it plus it has hot shoe so can sync with strobes if I buy one later. I must have a wide angle (28mm) for dry land shooting so looking at the Oly 5060. Price difference is less than $100 between the Canon and the Olypus cameras and mfr housings. Does anyone have feedback on the S60 and how much, if any, shutter lag it has? Is there any way to use a strobe with the S60? Will it be automatic or manual? Please send advice quickly as have to decide soon or won't have in time for the trip.
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