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  1. I thought I would leave a response from someone working in the dive industry in Thailand and in the past Egypt, that receives tips regularly (depending on where my guests come from) Working in an industry where a professional earns 20 euro a day for what can be up to a 10 hour day and costs of working, work permits, visas, dive equipment, servicing, camera gear and replacing dive equipment eats up most if not all of your money tips are really appreciated. While we do not expect tips from everyone when you go that extra mile for a customer it is appreciated when it is recognized by someone by slipping you a few notes and saying thanks for your help today here go and have a couple of beers on me. Personally I grew up in a non tipping culture and only became aware of the impact when choosing this line of work. I don't think a tip needs to be a percentage of what you have spent it should be as much or as little as you are comfortable with. As someone who receives tips I would never feel insulted by receiving no tip or a low tip as we are in the service industry after all. I use the beer meter to gauge tips (not that I ever spend it on beer myself) If someone does a hard days work I tip them the equivalent of what a couple of beers cost at the local bar for each day they have looked after me. If they sit on the back of the boat texting their girlfriend all day – I wouldn't bother. If someone gives you exceptional service you may want to buy them dinner (or tip equivalently). This is how I gauge how to tip others who provide me service. I personally spend all my tips on dive equipment, servicing and further advancing my training so that I can provide a better service to my customers. So receiving a tip could mean the difference between getting my regulators serviced or not. I would never pay a tip up front and I would never pay it to the business owner. I tip as a sign of appreciation and I want the person I tip to know I appreciate them so I would give it to them personaly. http://www.kevinblack.co.uk
  2. Auckland International Airport - New Zealand Check in was fine but once I got to the security section someone pulled me aside and weighed my carry on roll on bag. It was well over. I removed the housing, camera body and strobe which they let me carry through security in my hand and once threw the scanners replaced it all. I don’t know why they bothered. Half the time I think airport staff are just following directives passed down and have as little clue as we do as to what they are meant to be achieving. Kevin Black http://www.kevinblack.co.uk
  3. I have gone the other way. I use a standard carry on wheelie bag and in it I fit a Frog Indigo wing with aluminium back plate, shorty, boots, Apeks Regs with single SPG (miflex hoses), mask, a shorter copy version of the Scubapro Jet fin, travel towel and swim shorts and my netbook. It comes to about 14/15 kg Then I have a light weight duffel with a couple of changes of clothes wraped around my strobes - it looks big but it is light weight. So when I check in I throw the big light weight duffel on the scales and it is well under weight. And so far they have never tried to weigh my carry on bag. My digital SLR I usually leave with a friend when I am checking in or whear on a strap around my neck with my jacket over the top (might be a bit hard for anyone with a big belly but works for me) The rest of the time I just carry it around in my hand. On the plane I just wrap my jacket around it and stick it in the over head (after I have weight lifted my carry on wheelie into the overhead) If they loose my luggage - Im still going diving. I have heard to many horror stories of people turning up for liveaboards with all their dive gear lost in transit. I can always buy a couple of pairs of shorts, T-shirts and a tooth brush but I cant replace my dive gear.
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