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  1. what length bulkhead? they make different lengths. I can get on for you.
  2. I guess they might under-rate the packs. Every mfgr tends to over rate their tests and advertise creative specifications. It is nice to see an independent party test items and post results! I have plans on testing the 8 "C" cell LED lights from 3 mfgrs in the next month or so. I will post results when done. I will use a lumens meter hooked to the computer to measure output and time.
  3. NIcad and NIMH battery chargers work differently in the way that the charge is terminated when the pack is charged. That is why chargers must be upgraded when switching from Nicad to NIMH. Most people should let professionals at the factory service the equipment. They what they are doing!
  4. I have shot the Nikon 10.5mm and the Tokina 10 - 17mm. I like having the zoom available of the Tokina.
  5. Try a few test shots and see if the strobe quenches. Does the LED on the back of the strobe go out for about 5 seconds every time it is flashed? Try with different apature settings and see if the strobe changes. If not, It would seem that the strobe might be giving you full power flashes and would require a trip to Ike for a quick fix.
  6. Sharp tongue! How's that Aquatica ETTL and ITTL work?
  7. ikelite has started shipping the D70 ttl housing. I am sure that most backorders will be shipped within a month or so.
  8. Most Nicad packs should give you 5 yrs. of service. Sometimes a cell will fail and then the whole pack suffers. Photo Flashtube mfgrs. usually give ratings anywhere from 10000-25000 flashes. Becon flashes are usually under powered and flask 100K+ times. Ikelite tested a DS50 and flashed it once a minute for a long time and shut it off after 130K flashes. Gas mileage and flashes may vary depending on use.
  9. Hi, the smart charger sounds like it is working but your one pack has been drained below a reasonable voltage for the charger to charge. (Pack appears to be shorted) Might be time for a new pack or you might be able to use an old Ike 4052 charger to jump start the pack. I would guess that the 350 strobe battery is the same as the S&S 300. Hope this helps, Scubaho Ikelite Strobe Repair Tech.
  10. Marlin bay resort is great. I am running a trip there in October. We are staying 2 weeks and 1 of the 2 weeks is at Marlin Bay resort and the other is at Bamboo reef resort. They are both online if you want to check them out. My trip is Sept. 30 to Oct 16th. email me if you need more info. kgehring@iquest.net
  11. Reef Fish Identification Tropical Pacific is T H E B O O K to get. It is published by New World Pub. Inc. www.fishid.com Photos and text by the great Paul Humann, Ned Deloach, Roger Steele, and Gerald Allen. It is a great resource as is the other reef fish books they offer. They also have a creatures and corals book!!!
  12. There will be info at DEMA on the new products and changes to other strobes.
  13. www.divestvincent.com Had a wonderful week diving and saw the following: *Juv. cowfish *Juv Trunkfish * Flying Gunards * bluethroat pikeblenny * cherubfish * all the butterfly fish * boga * sunshine fish * juv. yellowtail damsels * shy hamlets * golden hamlets * tobacco fish * lettuce sea slug * spotted cleaner shrimp * golden coral shrimp * banded coral shrimp * peppermint shrimp * squat anemone shrimp * arrow shrimp * red pistol shrimp With eggs! * invisible shrimp * red banded lobster * spotted porcelain crab * bluelip parrotfish * blackear wrasse * manytooth conger * spotted snake eel * chain moray * goldentail moray * leech headshield slug * fingerprint cyphoma * yellowhead jawfish and a wide variety of crabs
  14. ULCS also makes Bouyancy Arms. www.ulcs.com
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