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  1. Hey all, I'm selling my strobe, arm, controller and tray. Having a toddler with a second one on the way with working full time means less diving and more bills. The setup works very well, used on ~30 dives over 5 years with two olympus setups. Would be a great add on strobe or for a beginner looking to add a strobe, I feel it is a good deal for all that is included. Feel free to ask questions. Up for sale on ebay! http://www.ebay.com/itm/252219249852
  2. Very Cool, were you snorkeling or diving? The sailfish seemed fast, how did you keep up?
  3. So I picked up a lifeproof case. I actually had to return the first one due to a small manufacturing defect where the membrane sealed against the bottom. It still tested as being waterproof, but for $80 I want one that doesn't have a defect. I got it from best buy and used a 10% off coupon. Seems really nice, and actually comes with a waterproof headphone jack. It'll be nice to be able to listen some tunes at the beach and not worry about sand or water. Photos seem unaffected, although the screen has a membrane over it that does seem to easily pick up oils from the hand. I'm happy with my purchase and it seems to afford a level or protection over the otterbox defender while still being sleeker.
  4. It certainly looks that way. If it doesn't sink....
  5. Anyone have any experience with a waterproof iphone case? I am not expecting to dive with, just keep it top side for surface intervals, phone calls, snapshots, web browsing. Also plan on using it for sailing and skiing. I found a few cases that fit the bill: The PaleKai $40 Seems to have good reviews on Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Waterproof-iPhone-Ca...e/dp/B005DNO6GI The lifeproof $80 Very sleek, Mixed reviews, but more functional http://www.lifeproof.com/ "The bags" ewa marine etc.. Any comments or user experience would be appreciated
  6. I recently got a great deal on a Panasonic DMC-TS2. I've really enjoyed it for hiking and skiing and want to take it diving on an upcoming trip to Cozumel. So now it is time for a housing. Panasonic Housing is going for $235 right now Ikelite is going for $260 I already have a DS-50 Substrobe and manual controller with arms and tray. Am I being cheap by considering the panasonic housing or should I just suck up the $25 and get the ikelite? I'm a poor grad student at least for another year :-( Thanks!
  7. I've listed my olympus c-5060 camera with many accessories and the PT-020 housing on ebay. Feel free to bid or ask questions. Both have served me very well. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...IT#ht_500wt_949 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...IT#ht_500wt_949 It's been a great camera and I've taken many great photos. It was time to upgrade! A great backup package or introduction to underwater photography.
  8. Hi I'll try to answer this but may not be the best person. First off are you using a manual controller or the Ike built in hardwired controller? From personal experience I have a feel (although it's often wrong) for the distance and shoot in manual on my camera with a given power level on my camera. It's often times trial and error but I do have a few setting that I know work for macro. My suggestion is to set up your rig and get comfortable shooting in a pool and see what works. Review your shots afterward looking at the EXIF tags. Hope that helps. Aaron
  9. The 8 Gig card came in today and I can fit over 1000 RAW images on this monster! I didn't have to do anything it came FAT-32 formated from the factory, put it into my camera and it recognized and then put it into my laptop and again showed up, full capacity on each. I also followed the link provided by Jola and upgraded to the latest firmware in my camera. Thanks! Aaron
  10. Thanks to all those who replied! I'm going with an 8 Gig card.. It's amazing how much the prices have come down. It'll cost me the same as the 512MB card I bought with the camera 3 years ago. Plus it'll be a great for storage of music in my iPAQ during the offseason. Once again wetpixel pulls through with a wealth of knowledge! Aaron
  11. Hi From my personal experience I'd say that the memory card upgrade is not affecting the battery. If you switched to a micro-drive then we would expect decreased battery life. My guess is the new battery is not of the same quality as the original canon one. I have heard reports in cell phones that non-oem batteries have shorter shelf lives and capacity is either lower than the original or reduces after many charge discharge cycles. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi Does anyone know what the largest capacity CF card an olympus c-5060 can accomodate? I have a 1 gig but will be doing some extended traveling.. So I'd like to pick up 2 8GB cards. The manual is no help, but Lexar lists the camera as being FAT-32 compatible. Anybody have any experience? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  13. Latest Update: http://www.diversalertnetwork.org/news/art....asp?newsid=709 On Jan. 11, DAN received the following announcement from the SSS USA Corporate Offices: SSS USA CORPORATE OFFICE WILL ACCEPT DAN INSURANCE DATE: January 10, 2006 TO: SSS Recompression Chamber Network Affiliates & General Public FROM: Quantum Processing Services Co, Ltd. SSS USA Corporate Office. RE: DIVER ALERT NETWORK DIVE INSURANCE We would like to inform all that the facilities as listed below will continue to accept Divers Alert Network (DAN) America Insurance. Our facilities are open and ready to treat any dive medical illness. These facilities are under new ownership; however, we are still dedicated to provide the best service possible. For any inquiries, please contact insuranceqt@sssnetwork.com. Buceo Medico Mexicano COZUMEL Cozumel, Q. Roo, Mexico Ph: 52.987.872.1430 Fax: 52.987.872.1848 PLAYA DEL CARMEN Playa Del Carmen Q. Roo, Mexico Ph: 52.984.873.1365 Fax: 52.984.873.1755 Protesub, S.A. GALAPAGOS Galapagos, Ecuador Ph/Fax: 593.52.526.911 Subaquatic Services of Belize, Ltd. Ambergris Caye, Belize Ph: 501.226.2851 Fax: 501-226.2852 Hyperbaric Services of Thailand, Ltd. PHUKET Phuket, Thailand Ph: 66.76.342.518 Fax: 66.76.345.051 KOH SAMUI Koh Samui, Thailand Ph: 66.77.427.427 Fax: 66.77.427.377 KRABI Krabi, Thailand Ph: 66.75.695.275 KOH TAO Koh, Tao, Thailand Ph/Fax: 66.77.456.572 KHAO LAK Khaolak, Thailand Ph: 66.76.423.812 Fax: 66.76.423.813 So it looks like things are worked out and us DAN members shouldn't have to worry if we need treatment!
  14. That site is really poor. I question their journalism and intent. The only types of articles posted are negative. I have seen some other "interesting" articles on that site. As with all internet sites take them with a grain of salt. Aaron
  15. I really want padded dividers. Are storm cases really that much better at this size. The weight difference in negligible. I am thinking that I might just get a pelican 1510. It'll be a little cheaper and I can pick one up either locally or from B&H. Any one have any guiding words. Are storm cases worth the extra money?
  16. Hi all I was wondering where some of you have picked up your storm cases. I've looked around a bit online and found a couple dealers but no one that stands out as a great one. B&H does not carry them neither does the local camera shops. I really want the 2500 with padded dividers. Any help or feedback from those whom have purchased online would be appreciated. Thanks
  17. Hi all I'm heading to Thailand mid June and am looking for a nice diving excursion. I'm looking to do about 5 days in the Similian Islands and was wondering if anyone had a particular liveaboard they had a great experience on. If someone has another recomendation also leaving out of phuket, I'd be willing to consider it but we only plan on diving 5-7 days. Thanks. Aaron
  18. Hi Does anyone know if there is any decent diving around New Orleans. A good friend in my dive club is heading there, and would like any recomendations. Any decent operations, or personal experience would be appreciated. Thanks Aaron
  19. I also have been experimenting with different kinds of cards, and have realized that the 5060 does not use the full capability of the card. The so called high speed cards are only marginally faster in a 5060. I just bought a 1GB 40x card on ebay for 45. It is around 1 second slower writing RAW's than my 512MB Ultra II card which I paid $90 for 6 months ago. Is the extra money worth the slight increase in speed? That's up to you.
  20. I'm planning a trip to southeast asia from mid May to mid June. I'm going to be in Phuket for a good portion of that time, staying at friend's place. Anyways I'm looking for a diving trip that is not too pricey. I wanted to know if any of you have ideas. My friend goes to Bali a few times a year, so I'd like to try somewhere new. We're both in our 20's and don't need real luxury. Does anyone know if some liveaboards will give a deal if they aren't booked? We have flexibility in our travel dates. We can spend around $1500 each for a week of diving but not really more than that. Also he is an intructor and I am an AI/ Divemaster so we wouldnt' mind helping out somewhere if needed. Any ideas would be helpful. thanks.
  21. Well Giles It looks like someone has mated a HD to a Pocket PC. Have a look at this website!! http://www.glasslantern.com/articles/PocketPCDrives/ It seems to deal with older Pocket PC's
  22. Hi I just thought I'd throw my two cents in. First off I think the PDA idea is a little silly. It will be difficult to find a palm or pocket PC program that works with RAW. The dell axim's do work as hosts which means they can theoretically control USB peripherals such as a hard drive. Has this been implemented in the software? I don't believe so. I personally have a dell Axim and am not all that happy with it. Windows Mobile 2003SE is buggy and dell's wifi drivers suck. I'm going to sell my axim shortly and switch back to palm. Not quite as feature rich but implemented so much better. However if I were in your scenario I would get the P-2000 it seems like an amazing little device that downloads photos amazingly quick has a great sceen and plays mp3's. Then just pick up a Palm on ebay for $100 to use as your organizer. Or if you choose to wait, I'm willing to bet that within the year we will see a Windows Mobile powered Hard drive based handheld!! Good luck.
  23. Hi Welcome to wetpixel. You'll find that the c-5060 is a very popular camera. It affords a great amount of creative control at not too steep a price. You may want to wait a few months untill you buy the camera. the c-7070 is positioned to replace the 5060 and should have some advantages including faster read/write times and less shutter lag (two important issues for UW photography). I hope that helps.
  24. Has anyone tried mating a 1 inch ball either from Ikeilite or ULCS with a 3/4" Loc line hose? The inner diameter is listed at 1.099 inches but I'm not sure if the depth will work? Any help would be appreciated. Just got my DS-50 and manual controller
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