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  1. Hi All I am now the proud owner of a 5060. I am really impressed with the possibilities of this camera and am very happy with my purchase (thanks to many opinions on this site). I am getting ready for a housing purchase. Obviously It's either the olympus housing or the ikelite. My questions have to do with coverage area, I am aware of the TTL on the ikelite. Are the coverage areas equivelant on the olympus and ikelite with flat ports? I remember reading somewhere that the olympus flat port does not give full coverage area when zoomed out? Is the Ikelite flat port any better? I have figured out from some posts that a dome acts like a lens and gives you greater coverage. Must you use a wide angle type add on lens with a dome? How is the distortion? Perhaps there is a basic faq or past post about the above information I just couldn't find it. I'm trying to keep the system as inexpensive as possible. As a student money is tight. Thanks for all your help. Aaron
  2. Hi I've been diving a OMS EANx, for around 2 years and like it a lot. It's pretty cheap around $200. I was working the summer in Cozumel for DAN doing a study involving Dive professionals. We distributed Suunto Vypers to those participating in the study. The Cobra is the same as the Vyper but just Air integrated, a few friends have them. The computers are very nice. DAN has around 30 Vypers in Cozumel and despite diving everyday they hold up very well. They use the RGBM model which is very good although some people complain it's a little too conservative. My one complaint after using them, downloading them, changing batteries is that it is a pain to go from gauge to nitrox to air mode. You have to wait 24 hours without diving to change modes. Most people get around this by keeping it at nitrox 21% almost always. However if you are doing trimix or gas switches it'll lock out unless in gauge mode. Hope this helps. Oh and stay away from the Cochran computers, and I know several people who have had problems with the Mares M1, although they like the Nemo. Aaron
  3. Thanks for the help! I'm back in the states and have mailed my camera and housing back to them after few emails with the technician. They think its an electronics problem. I'll let everyone know if it turns out to be anything more interesting. Thanks for your replies. Aaron
  4. Well, you guys are right. I received comfirmation that the mysterious white thing is in fact a conch egg casing. I was also told if you approach them and look very closely in between the segmentations you can see 4-5 baby conchs developing. Aaron
  5. Hi I'm having some serious problems with my seamaster dc100. About every 10th photo has a brown 1/3 of frame. I can get decent photos (well decent for a 1.3 MP) but the occasionally horribly exposed and brown frame is so annoying. I emailed pioneer research the people who make the camera and they thought it was water damage. Wouldn't water damage show up in every photo? My housing did flood a little bit. I immediately exited, and the water was just about 1 or 2mm from the bottom barely touching the camera. It was freshwater cenote, and I dried the camera out for several days. Once I return to the States, working for DAN this summer in Cozumel, I'm going to pick up a 5060!! But for the time being I would like to fix it as a backup or to sell it. Thanks for the help. Aaron
  6. I hope you guys enjoyed that post. :wink: Anyways I'm working the summer in Cozumel. I showed that picture to some friends and they don't think it's an egg casing. They believe it is a parasite. Sometimes these (mysterious things) can be seen on gorgonians. I'm going to check with a marine biology guy a little later today and I'll let you know. Any chance we could get a picture a little larger? Aaron
  7. I believe the little extra is actually a whale's penis :shock: According to esteemed divemaster Capitan Mamoto, whom has lived in the Mambo Casa of Cozumel for many moons, the whales penises are shed every year. When the currents are precisely correct the whale penises float into cozumel where they are considered a delicacy for the conchs. Whom after eating them go into a reproductivity frenzy, called the never ending conch orgy. Jacques Cousteau first cataloged this phenomenon in 1962 off the coast of the Easter Islands. Hope this helps Aaron
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