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  1. Ok, thanks... Yes, it will be too late... but thanx anyway
  2. Please, I need your help! I'm about to publish a story about Sipadan.. I was there two years ago and I would like to have information about the present situation.... I have pictures of the pier and bungalows and I do not know which comment to add... Thanks
  3. Question to those of you that have been diving lately around Sipadan... The well known dropoff pier, is still there or has been destroyed? And all the bungalows and other resort buildings, are there although empty or have been demolished? Thanks
  4. I have used Malaysian Airlines several times, and no complains whatsoever... Flying from Amsterdam or Frankfurt to KL and then to Bali.... Always OK.
  5. Hola david, yes, my current setup is a Hugy housing with ULS arms and clamps.... And it works very well. Cheers Matetes
  6. I'm using the 12-24 with +3 diopter in a Hugy housing with no problems so far... Greetings Matetes
  7. Cheap, yes.... but not reliable. It-s my experience, my unlucky experience... Never again Nimar.
  8. For a photography devoted trip in Milne, choose Chertan or Golden Dawn and forget Paradise Sport.... too crowded. Chheers matetes
  9. My experience: -Maldives, southern Ari Atoll, January-March -Galapagos, Darwin, october-november and even mid decembre (a little riskier) Hope it helps
  10. When available, Nitrox much better.... You will feel younger Matetes
  11. Matetes

    Subal & Nikon

    Puchica, Jose, es difícil vender material analógico, eh? Salu2 Matetes
  12. See http://www.hugyfot.com/dealers.htm Cheers Matetes
  13. Why only Subal or Sealux? Why not Hugyfot? It's a very good, sizeable and confortable housing... Cheers Matetes
  14. I would like to see both...even if I've already seen coleman's.... Cheers Matetes
  15. Answer: 1.- Yes, no problem..... unless you use a very heavy setup (let's say, a couple of Subtronic Mega Color). With a "normal" setup, yes, you can operate with just one hand.... 2.- No, at least in my case (I wear glasses)... I need to move my head slightly in order to see the full frame.... Hope it helps. Matetes
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