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  1. Ok, thanks... Yes, it will be too late... but thanx anyway
  2. Please, I need your help! I'm about to publish a story about Sipadan.. I was there two years ago and I would like to have information about the present situation.... I have pictures of the pier and bungalows and I do not know which comment to add... Thanks
  3. Question to those of you that have been diving lately around Sipadan... The well known dropoff pier, is still there or has been destroyed? And all the bungalows and other resort buildings, are there although empty or have been demolished? Thanks
  4. I have used Malaysian Airlines several times, and no complains whatsoever... Flying from Amsterdam or Frankfurt to KL and then to Bali.... Always OK.
  5. Hola david, yes, my current setup is a Hugy housing with ULS arms and clamps.... And it works very well. Cheers Matetes
  6. I'm using the 12-24 with +3 diopter in a Hugy housing with no problems so far... Greetings Matetes
  7. Cheap, yes.... but not reliable. It-s my experience, my unlucky experience... Never again Nimar.
  8. For a photography devoted trip in Milne, choose Chertan or Golden Dawn and forget Paradise Sport.... too crowded. Chheers matetes
  9. My experience: -Maldives, southern Ari Atoll, January-March -Galapagos, Darwin, october-november and even mid decembre (a little riskier) Hope it helps
  10. When available, Nitrox much better.... You will feel younger Matetes
  11. Matetes

    Subal & Nikon

    Puchica, Jose, es difícil vender material analógico, eh? Salu2 Matetes
  12. See http://www.hugyfot.com/dealers.htm Cheers Matetes
  13. Why only Subal or Sealux? Why not Hugyfot? It's a very good, sizeable and confortable housing... Cheers Matetes
  14. I would like to see both...even if I've already seen coleman's.... Cheers Matetes
  15. Answer: 1.- Yes, no problem..... unless you use a very heavy setup (let's say, a couple of Subtronic Mega Color). With a "normal" setup, yes, you can operate with just one hand.... 2.- No, at least in my case (I wear glasses)... I need to move my head slightly in order to see the full frame.... Hope it helps. Matetes
  16. I've used both lenses, and even the Tamron 90 mm. IMHO, from an optical point of view I can see no difference between Nikon and Sigma. Even I would say that 105 Sigma handles better the very low light situations.... But you should take into account two points: -at full extension, the Sigma is longer than the Nikon ; - the Sigma is a lot noisier than the Nikon, and sometimes scares fishes and critters... Concerning the Tamron, I believe that the new version is really very, very good... It's fast and clear... In any case, any of the three lenses is good enough for uw photography. Cheers matetes
  17. ...and second part By the way.... Both picture were shot using the famous Magic Filter, first with strobes and second without strobes. Cheers Matetes
  18. Hi Two pictures and three RAW converters, Photoshop CS2, Nikon Capture and Raw Shooter Essentials 2005.... and different results. Just take a look.. ...where the first is with Photoshop CS2, _DSC2b596 is with Nikon Capture and _DSC 2c is with Raw Shooter .... and every one looks diferent than the others... More washed out with Photoshop, more contrast with Capture and more obscure with Shooter Could someone tell me why? BTW.- I put the pics as opened in every program and saved in jpg. with no manipulation whatsoever.
  19. Thanks Robert, In my way back from Chuuk, i'll be able to spend a couple of diving days in Philippines.... Do you know something about Anilao? I've read it is a "muck diving" place and that harlequin shrimps can be found there... Thanks Matetes
  20. Hi I'm not lucky with the harlequin shrimps.... I like them a lot, but I've never seen one (just the pics...). I've just finished a trip to Milne Bay (good diving, BTW), but no harlequin shrimps... I've been in a lot of those places where some of you, lucky boys, have found the harlequin shrimps (Bali, Raja Empat, Wakatobi, Manado etc...), buy no luck so far.... Now, I'm leaving for Truk in a couple of weeks, but I believe that Truk is not the best place for those elusive shrimps... So, just curious, could you (the lucky guys) tell me where have you found the harlquin shrimps? Thanks Matetes
  21. Thanks Bvanant... Could you tell me which brand are you using? Matetes
  22. What I mean is: could any proud owner of a Subal-Seacam-Aquatica or sea&Sea housing measure the outer circumference of his flat port and tell me the result? Thanx Matetes
  23. Hi I would like to buy a Macromate for my Hugyfot flat port... But Hugyfot is not in their list.... So, I would like to know the measure of the outer circumference of the following flat ports: -Subal -Seacam -Aquatica -Sea&Sea Maybe I can use one of the macromates offered for those brands... Hugyfot's flat port external circumference is 37,5cm (14,57 inches) BTW.- I already sent an e-mail to Basckscatter with no answer so far. Thanks Matetes PS.- I've just got an answer... They say: there isn't any model for Hugyfot. I know, but I want to know if I can use any other model (making some DIY...)
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