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  1. Hi So far, Hugyfot housings do not have magnified viewfinders.... and the standard viewfinder is not enough, at least in my opinion (please, note that I need to wear glasses, so my sight is not as good as I would like it to be). I’ve sent an e-mail to Hugyfot asking if they are going to produce a grand viewfinder and the answer was "yes, in the future....".... and nobody knows when the future will be here.. To me, the biggest problem is with composition... I cannot watch the whole frame at once... I need to move my head a liittle bit.... Sometimes, I need to use the autofocus spots on the screen to figure out if the scene is composed as I want or not... I agree with Timo regarding to the fornt control wheel.. It takes its time to change exposure... Anyway, I enjoy my Hugy housing.... but I wish I had a bigger viewfinder, Sealux type. I wrote a review in UWpix http://www.uwpix.net/index.php?/archives/2...en.htmlextended Cheers Matetes
  2. Hi I've got both lenses and I truly believe that the Nikon is not worth the extra money over the Sigma. In my opinion, Sigma's optical quality is as good as Nikon's, if not better. True, Nikon is more solid built, but for underwater use this is not important (always my opinion)... I've not found any noticeable difference in autofocus speed... But, you should take in consideration: -At 1:1 position, Sigma is longer than Nikon -Sigma is noisier than Nikon (and that can be a problem with skittisk animals)... Both are very reliable.... And I've also tried the Tamron 90mm and is also very, very good.... Hope it helps Cheers Matetes
  3. Sorry, Herbko, but I think that 3400€ will be around 3900-4000 US $ mmmm............Sorry again Matetes
  4. I agree with Bruce about Roatan. I've been there a few weeks ago (my thrid visit, the secon one was six years ago) and no fishes at all... I don't know what is going on there but fishes are gone... to say something.... Matetes
  5. Hi It depends on what you are looking for... My choice: -Galapagos for big stuff -Bunaken&Lembeh for everyihing except big stuff -Rangiroa&Fakarava for sharks Cheers Matetes
  6. Lucky all of you I cannot see the page... Nothing to do with the browser... It happens from time to time with your page, Alex. I know mine is not the first case.... It looks like your server refuses the access to some servers... I can connect when at work, but not when at home, which is the case now and it's gonna be all weekend long.... So, let's wait until monday.... Oh, no... I've already started my summer holidays!!!! Cheers Matetes
  7. Hi, Very interesting, Laz.... Could we know the settings you used for the pic? Thanks Matetes
  8. Hi, I've heard that Hugyfot is working in a housing for the small Canon 350D. On the other hand, I can use a Nikon F80 with my Hugy housing for Nikon D70 with only a very few adjustments... And I know several proud owners or a D70-Subal setup that can do exactly the same simple operation and shoot analogic with a F80. The very good thing is that you only need to add a plastic/wood piece... so you can make a dive using digital and the next one shoioting analogic... Cheers Matetes
  9. Thanks, Alex... Is your Magic Filter covering a broader range of depth? Cheers matetes
  10. Hi, I've been trying to buy a piece of Kodak CC 40 R gel.... with no success so far... I haven't been able to find it in any of the shops I'va contacted (in Spain, France and Portugal). Any idea on where may I find this gel? Thanks Matetes
  11. Hi Waiting for the magic filter for my 16 and 10,5 fisheyes.... Looking forward to get it ... Aparently, it is already impossible to get the Kodak CC40R gel... At least, I haven't been able to find a single piece in Spain, France and Portugal... And, even worse, many shops told me that this gel is not made anymore..... Cheers Matetes
  12. Hi I'm a (so far) happy owner of a Hugy D70 housing.... Just a few pics taken but I do not see any noticeable diference acrilic/glass (when shooting analogic, I had Nikon F-100 in Seacam housing). Three examples, all with the 12-24, two with available light and one using a couple of Inon Z220
  13. My contribution.... from my analogic times F-100, Nikon 105mm and .... honestly, I don't remember the settings. Cheers Matetes
  14. No answers? Anybody around with thousands of pics properly classifieds? No opinions? Thanks Matetes
  15. Hola, You should not worry at all... Fron Bali To Manado/Lembeh (usually with a stopover in Makassar) you will fly a medium size aircraft (120-160 passengers).. So no problem with extra-lugagge. You will be requested to pay for it, but, once again, no special worries: extra lugagge fees in indonesian domestic flights are cheap....ç Good luck Matetes
  16. Hi, By now, thousands of scanned slides and digital pics are scattered somewhere in my computer.... It's time to put some order.... I wonder which is the best software for that... Imatch? ACDSee? Iview media Pro? Fotostation Pro?....... Any ideas? Any opinions? Thanks
  17. Hi You get the visa at the airport upon arrival.... And it is a very "colorful" visa, very big I'll be in Milne Bay in October..... Hope it helps Matetes
  18. Hi Charly, nice to see you here... Good stuff... Matetes
  19. Hi For Pygmies, I use 105+1.4x teleconverter (When shooting film). When using DSRL, I truly believe that the 105mm is enough in order to work with full confort (lyou can always crop your pics later) Hope it helps. matetes
  20. Matetes

    For sell

    Hi Did you use ikelite ports with Seacam housings? Matetes
  21. Hi Just a technical question... When shooting fisheye lenses, do you use the 180U dome port or the specific 180F? Thanks Matetes
  22. Thanks, but.... I'm trying to understand.... Will the Z-220 work with D70 (manual, of course)? And will the Focus Light? Thanks matetes
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