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  1. I apologize! I have the ikelite 4104.52 Dual cord, and the 4104.6 Nikonos to Ikelite converter. I apologize! I have the ikelite 4104.52 Dual cord, and the 4104.6 Nikonos to Ikelite converter.
  2. Hi! The housing has 2 Nikonos bulkheads. They don't work because the 4104.32 (non-TTL) and the 4104.62 (TTL) cords have male ends and the Ikonos to Ikelite has a male end, as well. I can't connect 2 male ends, unfortunately.
  3. I have an Aquatica housing with Nikonos strobe connectors (bulkheads). I would like to connect my housing with two Ikelite strobes. The problem is that the Ikelit to Nikonos converter I have has a Ikelite "male" end which fits ONLY into one of the Ikelite strobe plug. When I want to use an Ikelite Dual Sync cord / splitter to connect the other Ikelite strobe I have two male ENDING. I can't connect my dual sunc cord to my Nikonos to Ikelite converter.... Is there anybody who had this problem before? I have the ikelite 4104.52 Dual cord, and the 4104.6 Nikonos to Ikelite converter. Thanks!
  4. Any experience with the Canon EF 16-35mm f/4L for underwater? Can you compare it to the 16-35 2.8 II or 17-40mm? Thanks!
  5. I am looking for a Aquatica 18462 Port Extension Ring for Aquatica Bayonet Style Housing ( 39.5mm / 1.56" ). Anybody has one for sale?
  6. I have a Aquatica housing. I would like to attach Sea & Sea's 240 Large megadome. I am planning to buy the Aquatica to Sea & Sea Port adapter. The store recommended me to use Aquatica's 39.5mm extension ring for the Canon 17-40mm on the top of the adaptor. The problem is that the 39.5mm ring is not available to order currently. I have looked around and I couldn't find it. Is there another way to fit the Sea & Sea dome port on an Aquatica housing? Should I use Sea & Sea's extension rings? Anybody ever faced this problem? Thanks!
  7. Is there an adapter/converter for Ikelite Housing to Sea $ Sea dome port? I would like to use the 10" dome on my Ikelite housing.
  8. Hi! I need a 17 windows laptop which I would like to use for client presentations (wedding photography) and editing. Until recently, I had a 17 macbook pro but I would like to move away from mac. I wild like to have something presentable. I don't really want to have a gaming laptop because it is just too futuristic looking. I liked the clean look of my old macbook pro. Do you have anything you can recommend? Thanks!
  9. Question is simple. Do photography/videography led light panels use the same led light bulbs Do Aperture, Younguo, 1 x 1, Came TV... use the same light bulbs in their led light panels? Prices vary between 100-300 and 1000-15000 USD for the same size light panels. I know they are different units, cooling, etc. but I am just wondering whether the BASICS of these units are the same: the individual light bulbs...Are the light bulbs the same?
  10. Are there any great underwater photo location close to Athens? Any islands which is easy to get to? I would love to have crystal clear water... I am a wedding photographer and I would like to take bride and groom underwater and make some cool underwater portraits.... Also, what are the best photo locations in and around Athens, Greece? I will be shooting a wedding there and I would like to take some cool photos with the bride and groom! Have you ever been there? What location was you favorite? Do you have any photos you can show us? Thanks so much!
  11. I have sent my Nikon to the service center. I have just realised the the shutter count is still the same... It looks like they didn't reset the shutter count. Did this happen to you as well? I have researched it but so far I didn't get a clear answer. I called Nikon service center but the operator had no clue.
  12. Did it work out? Did you acheve with it what you wanted. I am looking for something similar for my camera.
  13. Is there anybody in the Miami/Ft Lauderdale area who is looking fora photo-diving buddy? I am scuba certified photographer located in Weston, FL. I am wondering whether therte is anybody here want to go and dive and take photos? Let me know!
  14. Amazing photo!!!! I am sooooo jealous!!!!
  15. Do you still have this? Thanks!
  16. Can you recommend a good printing company in the South Florida/Miami area that prints canvases. I have googled a bunch of them but what I would like to hear is some real life experience... Thanks so much!
  17. Yes, I do! Keep in mind that the o-ring keeps the ocean water away from your $2-4k camera! Don't risk it!
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