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  1. Which protective cover do you recommend for Canon 5D? I would like my camera body to be protected while taking photos on the beach and on the boat. I have seen one called "Ape" and another called "Delkin". My camera dot scratched badly by the sand last week. Here are the links: Ape Case Exogard Camera Protection System for Canon 5D ACEG5DM3 Delkin Devices Snug-It Pro Skin Camera Protector DDSPROC5DM3 B&H Have you ever used any of these? Can you recommend one for me? Thanks soooo much!
  2. Is there a clear advantage of the SEA & SEA housings? Why are they so expensive compared to the Ikelite ones?
  3. Anybody using a Equinox HDDSLR Underwater Housing for Canon 5d? Is it a good alternative for an Ikelite housing? Can you compare the two? Thanks!
  4. Thanks so much for your explanation! I have the Ikelite 160.
  5. Wow! Waht a difference! How do yo like the D800?
  6. Finally, I ended up getting the Lowepro Vertex 200AW for my destination weddings. I hope it will serve me well!
  7. Is it as fast as they supposed to be? Can you feel the difference? Thanks!
  8. These cameras and lens was stolen two days ago: 1. Nikon Nikkor Lens 35mm f/1.4G Serial: 602345 2. Nikon D3s Camera Serial # 2004507 3. Contax 645 Camera (Medium Format) with Film back 4. Kodak Pro DCS 645c Digital Back 5. Nikon 58mm lens 6. Powerex Battery Charger 7. 5. Contax 80mm 2.0 and Hasselblad 120mm lenses 8. 2X SB 900 Nikon Flashes Serial: 2468298 Please contact me or the Coral Gables, FL Police department ( Address: 2801 Salzedo Street, Coral Gables, FL 33134 Phone305) 442-1600) if somebody offers you these items! THANKS so much!!!!
  9. What do you do when your camera bag is too big for the overhead bin in a plane or all of the bins are taken? I am sure I am not the only one who experienced the problem. Lot of times the crew already announces that all overhead bins are full and that no more larger carry-ons can be brought into the plane. What is your tactic to avoid your camera bag being put in the main luggage area of the plane where it can be smashed or stolen...? I usually do the following: 1. Try to be in the A or B boarding zone. Board the plane first! The chance that you will find empty bins is higher! 2. Try to stand behind somebody who has a bigger bag and the crew will pull out the person in front of you and will be asked to hand over his/her luggage to be put in the main cargo area of the plane. Usually, they are busy with that person in front of you and you can bring my carry-on camera bag on board. 3. Once on board, I try to take out my laptop and larger lenses to make my bag smaller. Hopefully, it fits! 4. I also try to put under the seat of the person in front of me... Have you ever experienced this problem? What did you do you could share with us? This always stresses me out when I fly somewhere so photograph a destination wedding. Thanks!
  10. Do you use gels/light modifiers underwater? If yes, what kind? I would like to change the color of light and I am looking into way as how to do it.... I have Ikelite strobes.... Thanks!
  11. What is your recommendation for a large backpack for traveling? Currently I have the Medium Tenba rolling backpack: http://www.tenba.com/Products/Shooto...ium-Black.aspx The problem is that it is not comfortable to have it on your back. It is more a rolling back. I would have something which I can carry on my back for an hour without killing me. I shoot a lot of destination weddings and the way I carry my gear is very important. I want a backpack, which is: - large - fits into most airplanes bag compartment - waterproof, and - durable. It doesn't have to have wheels. Can you recommend me anything?
  12. I would like to buy the Lexar Professional 1000x 16 GB cards. (initially, I wanted to get the 600x versions but they are no longer available.) I have looked at the reviews and lot of people are complaining about the fact that these new 1000x cards fail. I am a wedding photographer and can't afford to lose photos...although I always back up the pictures in the dual slot. My question: Have you ever used the Lexar Professional 1000x 16Gb series cards and what your experience is....?
  13. I guess they die sooner than regular batteries. This makes sense because Sanyo indicates that they can be recharged only for 500 times. But they still should last for three hours after being recherge for 50-70 times... I think I will get the regular eneloopes.... Thanks! Good to know!
  14. this looks awesome! I love the light it creates! Wow that would be mnore than $800USD. It is a little bit expensive for me.
  15. I would call Ikelite. I have had to call them a few times in the past and they were extremely helpful!
  16. Is there anybody here using the new SANYO ENELOOP XX Batteries? Are they better than the regular ones?
  17. Thanks! Awesome!!! Has anybody tried to use the old Mark II housing with the Mark III? Does it fit? This is awesome!!!! I love it. I love the colors of the water at the geginning and at the end!
  18. Beautiful! Even if the water wasn't clear. Awesome!
  19. Oh, boy! I have sooo much to learn! Definitely clean water help a lot!
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