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  1. Has anybody used the 14mm Canon 2.8 prime lens for UW photography? Any samples?
  2. WOW!!! these are awesome! What lens did you have in the housing?
  3. Has anybody tried the Ikelite Housing for the new Canon 5d Mark III? I am talking about this: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/8580...ousing_for.html
  4. Yes! Nikon wide angle lenses are awesome! Canon makes a 14mm L lens. Get the second (Mark II) version! that is the best (Ultra) wide angle Canon lens...
  5. I would use the new 100mm 2.8 IS L (Image Stabilized) version!
  6. LOL!!!! Has anybody tried to use those car headlight cleaner sets? They come with paper and paste...! You need a drill for the paper though.
  7. Hi! Which housing did you use? What lens port? These are awesome!
  8. Is there a way to use High Speed Sync with Ikelite 160 Strobes? I would like to go higher than the shutter speed of 200.... Thanks!
  9. Aquatech makes underwater housings for pocketwizards. They have to be close to the surface though....
  10. Do you think it is possible to make money with underwater photography? Is there any photographer who solely lives off from underwater photography?
  11. Thanks a lot! Has anybody used a Canon flash with an underwater flash housing? It is an underwater housing in which you can put your normal Canon 580EX flash.... Karel! You have amazing photos! :)
  12. What are the benefits of having a flash designed for underwater photography only(i.e. Ikelite Substrobe 160) compared to a normal flash (i.e. Canon 580ex) with an underwater housing?
  13. I would like to have to get 1 or 2 strobes for underwater engagement sessions. I have an ikelite housing for Canon 5D. Do I have to buy an ikelite strobe system or there is another third party alternative? What are the most important characteristics of a strobe I need to pay attention?
  14. I like the look ND filters create. Which brand should I get? Is it really important to get an expensive one? Is there a visible difference? How do you use them? Do you screw them on the lens or hold it in front of the lens when you take the photo? I saw both. I am sorry about my silly questions. I have never used one. Thanks, Otto
  15. Is there anybody who upgraded from the monitor calibrator - Spyder 3 Pro to Spyder pro Elite??? Did you notice any difference? Is it worth upgrading?
  16. I have the monitor calibrator called Colorvision Spyder 3. I have a mac and two PCs. I have used Spyder 3 for a while and I have noticed that the colors are different on all three screens. I assume the purpose of a monitor calibrator is that the photographer sees the same colors his/her clients will see...Anyway. I have decided to get a new calibrator. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it. My budget is 150-400. What monitor calibrator can you recommend. I do wedding photography and I shoot a lot of Indian weddings where true colors are essential. Thanks!
  17. I am going to shoot an underwater engagement session soon. I would like to have a flash because the pictures have turned out blueish-gray so far during my last session: http://www.haringphotography.com/blog/enga...-photo-session/ I have Ikelite underwater housing. I was wondering that a housing for my canon 580EX would be enough? What do you think? As you see on the photos, the subjects are not too far from me. What kind of flash do you recommend which is reasonably priced...???? Thanks!
  18. Yesterday somebody stole my camera while I was shooting a wedding at Signature Grand at Davie, FL. I just put it down at a table for a few minutes to take pictures of the bride and groom with my other camera and when I wanted to pick it up it was no longer there. The management wasn't particularly shocked when I announced the case.... Please be very careful when you shoot weddings there!!! I always pay attention to make sure that my equipment is secure but I never thought that somebody could take it in less than a minute during a wedding. The bride and groom's getting ready pictures were on the card... SO BE CAREFUL! Also, please contact Broward County, FL police department if somebody tries to sell you a Canon 5D Mark II with the following Serial number: 2764B003AA or contact me via haringphotography.com I hope this helps!!!
  19. Do I need a close up lens filter for a 8" dome (Ikelite Housing) + 17-40mm Lens. If yes, which one? Also, I have heard that there is also a special lens filter for split images (split filter). Do you recommend it? I love split (underwater + above the water) images. Thanks, Otto
  20. Is the 14-24mm 2.8 lens good for underwater photography? I heard that results from the Nikon 14-24mm have been reported not to be very good, due to the fact that this lens will not take a diopter. I would use it mainly for snorkeling rather than for serious diving... Do you have any experience with this lens? I would use it on a Nikon D3 and with LP-1NZ port for the lens.... Thanks, Otto
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