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  1. I would use it for mainly underwater engagement photography. Recreational scuba diving, trash the dress... Look at my site and you will see what I am talking about: http://www.haringphotography.com I appreciate your your help! Otto
  2. I am planning to buy a Aqua Tech NY-3S Sports Housing for my Nikon d3s. I would like to use it with my Nikon 14-24mm 2.8. Is there anybody here who is using the same housing or any housing manufactured by Aqua Tech? Do you recommend it? I appreciate your your help! Otto
  3. Looking for used Canon 5D Mark II Housing. Please contact me at ottoharing at gmail dot com. Thanks, Otto Moderator Note: Topic Merged
  4. Hey guys! I have both Canon 5D and 5D Mark II. I am thinking about buying housing for one of them. The housing for the Canon 5D Mark I is cheaper... I guess the most important difference (among others) between the two cameras that the Mark II has better ISO. The question: Is ISO really important for underwater photography? Should I go with the Mark II? Thanks, Otto
  5. Hey Bo! I have checked them and they are expensive as well.... Do surf housings have any features the diving underwater houses don't have? I might as well buy an Ikelite for $1500-$2000.... Am I right? Thanks for the advice! Otto
  6. I am planning to buy an Ikelite for my Canon 5D. I already have a Canon 35mm 1.4L. Do you think it is good for underwater pictures? If yes, which port should I buy? I mainly want to have the housing for taking pictures of couples during engagement sessions or post wedding photo sessions. I would use it to take pictures of couples surfing, snorkeling, split images, etc. I am not planning to do serious diving! I was thinking about the plastic housings but I don't trust them. My camera gear is just too expensive. What setup do you recommend? You can look at my website to see what kind of images I shoot. You will see I don't dive... www.haringphotography.com I don't want to get a fisheye because the look it produces is not always good for what I do. Please help me what to get! Cheers, Otto
  7. I have looked around on the net for reviews for Nimar Housings for Canon or Nikon. There are not too many... Does anybody know anything about the company and their products? Should I buy one or should I buy an Ikelite? Thanks, Otto
  8. Thanks Maczek! Do you have a phone number or a email? Let me find your contact info here.
  9. I would like to get under water housing for my Canon 5D camera. I am looking at Ewa-Marine's Housings. I DON'T want to do serious diving. I would like to use it for engagement and trash the dress sessions as well as for taking pictures of my two daughters... 50% above the surface, 50% underwater and split images. I don't think I would go deeper than 4 meters (12 feet). - Do you recommend Ewa-Marine products? - Should I buy the bigger ones in which I can use my flash on the camera? - I am planning to use it with my 5D (full frame) and my 35mm lens. What do you think? - If you don't recommend Ewa Marine, where can I buy a used Ikelite for the 5D? Thanks a lot!!! Otto
  10. Hey Guys, My new home made ring flash is ready!!! The only thing I still have to figure out is how to bring it underwater..... Check it out: www.haringphotography.com/blog/?p=7 I use it with a Canon 85mm 1.2L and 35mm 1.4L on 5D. I absolutely love it! Enjoy! Please leave comments about your experiences and how I can improve it! Otto
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