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  1. Nice color! I'm getting more and more convinced to just do the best I can with no strobe and no flash. Worst case: Try to find some digital manipulation techniques that are sensitive to how color attentuates.
  2. I carry a laptop, so that's a non-issue. But I agree re Ocean Frontiers. If nothing else, their Wednesday snorkeling trip rocks. I'm more than happy to rely on post-processing software. It seems as if the problem should be solvable algorithmically. A web search a year ago, however, didn't turn up anything that did a great job on the photos I took then. Based on the helpful comments here and on ScubaBoard, I'm going to just get the D10, maybe try some adhoc filtering on the flash and/or lens, and see what I can find out about post-processing options. I'm traveling at the moment w/o access to last year's pictures, so posting those isn't an option today, but anyhow I hope this year's will be a bit better based on improved equipment, experience, and understanding. My current thinking is to take some pictures early w/ the new gear, post them, and ask for advice as to how I can do better and/or post-process them.
  3. Thanks! Does duct tape actually hold underwater?
  4. Thanks! I was thinking of getting a Canon D10 or Olympus 8000 or whatever, rather than a plastic housing set-up, mainly to reduce the number of ways human error can be fatal to the equipment (complex electronic devices hide in fear when I am around, or should ...). The sort of apparatus scuba photographers carry, with 1 or 2 strobes on arms, is not what I have in mind ... As for proximity -- I get the message. And indeed my best photos from last year were from very close, in shallow water. One thing that's rarely said explicitly, but is obvious from the physics -- color attenuates if you're shooting through water horizontally just as it does from depth. Oh well ...
  5. Hello! I'm a snorkeler, new to photographer (on either side of the water's surface, actually). My wife and I take an annual 2+ week vacation on the East side of Grand Cayman, where the snorkeling is superb. Last year I bought a DicaPac bag, stuck a simple point-and-shoot Canon camera in it, and snapped a couple thousand shots of fish. I loved it, but you can imagine the difficulties with the photographs. We're going back in two weeks, so I'm researching equipment, and this site came up on Google. It's easy to find online recommendations about cameras, and I imagine what's true for diving about cameras is often pretty true for snorkeling as well. But what I need to learn in a hurry is -- what about lighting? Is an external strobe needed? Are there cameras for which the internal flash suffices at depths of 10 feet (3 meters) or so and under? I don't fancy swimming around with camera-plus-strobe, on the surface amidst gentle waves, if I don't really have to ... All thoughts will be much appreciated! I'm a total newb at this.
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