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  1. Hi there, I'm selling my Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Diagonal Fisheye Autofocus Lens for Canon EF-mount. It's be rarely used. It's basically brand new, with original box, carry-case, etc. Asking: $400 US, buyer pays shipping. I am willing to ship to anywhere in the USA or Canada. If in Canada, I accept Interac e-Transfers, and for US, Paypal. I'm located in Montreal, Canada. Thanks! Vadim
  2. Hi there, I'm selling a few things and will ship to Canada & USA, buyer pays shiping and Paypal fees. Aquatica 5D Mark II Housing: $2,450.00 I'm selling my Aquatica 5D Mark II housing because I have now a 5D Mark III body which doesn't fit.This has the dual-Nikonos bulk head, and the standard viewfinder. I have the extra O-ring and CR2032 battery. It's got very little use, I would estimate this at perhaps < 25 hrs total, some of which was not even salt water. I didn't take photos since, well, it's pretty much unused, but can take some if you need. I'm not selling other accessories because, well... I will be buying the new housing in the near future. 5D Mark II Body: $1450.00 SOLD I do have a 5D Mark II for sale as well. It has 54k actuations (manufacturer's lifespan is 150k), used primarily in a product photography studio. Asking price is $1450. There are chances this is going to go fast locally (in Montreal, Canada). It has some minor signs of use, but all cosmetic like most used items. Canon 17-40L f4: $600.00 Great wide angle zoom lens – In good condition. A very versatile lens that is great on full-frame cameras.
  3. Thanks for all your replies guys. I have 2 cables that came with the strobes so I guess I'll be using them in the end. Much appreciated. Vadim
  4. Hi there, I just purchased my underwater housing recently (Aquatica 5D Mark II) along with 2 used Inon z240 flashes. I'm about to head to a local pool to try the equipment out. I got a question regarding the flash attachments. Do I need to connect both cables to each of the bulkhead connectors? Or can I connect one and the other will work as a slave. I did some shots above water with 1 cable and it's fine. Yet the manual (omg is it sad) says to connect both or one to the other. Just curious to know. Thanks! Vadim
  5. I will have to check with some help I'm pretty sure about that. I know I will be doing some snorkeling beforehand, might give me a little taste of what's to come. I've decided to go the Aquatica route. Jean and the team at Aquatica were awesome to me with their help and my many MANY questions. I'm truly impressed by their housing's build quality/workmanship. For the price tag, it's a great deal when compared to some competitors out there. They're selling like hot cakes, just hope I can get one from their last batch from their "oven" before they head on over to DEMA. I will be plunking down some cash later this week. Can't wait! Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to sharing my success and failures and additional questions with you hahaha Vadim
  6. OMG!?! Bumped your dome? Geez, that's a little close - hahaha. A 4m object can easily startle me. I've contacted Aquatica with regards to a local dealer they can recommend me. We'll see. I wish these Underwater housing manufacturers offered better and more comprehensive websites. Ikelite's is rather confusing with regards to port selections and details (click here, click there, click here for that, etc). Aquatica's doesn't speak much about strobes or recommendations, etc.... it's just download price list and guess what you'll need. I guess it's part of the learning process. Hence find a dealer. Right now, water's are getting pretty cold around here, don't have a dry suit cert, and I read dry suit + underwater photo/video is even harder... ugh.... might just jump in my in-ground pool, a little warmer still in there... sadly, murky cuz it's to be shut this week for next year. LOL.... will have to get some for of dives, might tag along some swimming pool dives I guess. I can see how composing a pleasant photo + looking at exposure, histograms, etc can take away some fun from the diving. When I go to Antigua, I'll be doing quite a bit of snorkeling, probably w/o lights (going to buy that magic filter for blue water). I do want to buy 2 lights.... but should be careful about being gun-ho! lol Ahh... technology... Does anybody know what TTL works best with Aquatica/Canon housings? The Ikelite bulkhead has only 1 connector, and you need some sort of integrated circuit to be made? Why does it feel like I have too much lead on my belt now
  7. Thanks Bob. I will MOST DEFINITELY test the housing w/o my camera inside - that would make me kick myself hard all week long Now I'm debating the cost of Aquatica equipment vs Ikelite : I probably won't be able to dive weekly, but that housing from Aquatica just looks so nice. The Ikelite route is looking quite a bit cheaper, but ergonomics aren't as nice. I'm doing a comparison and Ikelite is $1500 less for a similar setup... hmmm. Regarding lighting, many appear to like the Inon Z240s, and they are a little cheaper. I also read that they appear to have REALLY bad instruction manuals with them? hehe As I await the underwater photography book, do many of you just opt to shoot Manual? Is TTL just that much more awesome? Or Macro = TTL better, Wide = Manual? I feel like I can keep on asking too many questions.....
  8. Hi Ellen, and thanks for the wonderful reply. I'm certified PADI advanced, but unfortunately, haven't dived much lately because a health issue that's over and done with. I'm heading out to Antigua in a couple months, and I finally want to get the equipment I need to start underwater photography. It would almost pain me not to get the equipment before that trip, but I'm worried it will spoil the dives because I might be tinkering with my gear and using up my air (not to mention, fiddling around with buoyancy because I'll be in salt waters with new gear). One new question, snorkeling with the housing, how hard is that? Do all of you always bring lights? Or can the Magic Filter + sun behind you work nicely in relatively shallow depths? I ask because I read that there are many close-by reefs snorkel distances away. The Aquatica housing does look phenomenal - being a gear nut it's hard to resist the lovely housing - but adding all the various part up is starting to look quite expensive, but not "insane" though. Are ergonomics that much better on it? Alright, too many questions still.... sorry But you've all been a great asset, thanks so much in advance again. -Vadim
  9. Yeah, I did look at Aquatica, and I couldn't believe it was Montreal based - of all places hahaha. Just somehow wish pricing would be a litlte softer for local guys What lighting is good with that housing? Are the Inon strobes TTL with it? Or manual like the Ikelite? I agree, local company can be quite awesome if there's ANY problems. What lighting to do you use? Anything I should be aware of with going that line? I guess I'll have to surf a few more hours about that. I'm not going to jump and buy on a hot head.... better take my time and get the right thing on the first try. I'm just feeling that everything with Aquatica will be much more $$$ in the end, sure better quality, but this is a hobby (ports, strobe connectors, etc)? How would you describe your first dive with your housing? Thanks again!
  10. Salut Autopsea I never looked at the 60, so it's a crop-camera oriented lens... will stick to the 100mm then. I think for the time being I'll save the money and use the 17.... because wow, you can easily spend $5k on this stuff in a blink of an eye. The Inon's are looking quite nice (checked them out). Which arms did you use for your Inon's & ikelite housing? Is manual rather easy with them? Merci bien encore, Vadim
  11. Thanks 2 you both for your replies. I would like to do wide angle, as there's many wrecks around here, more so than colorful fish and such (hehe). But Macro wouldn't hurt. I was planning on getting a 100mm macro, but the 60 macro would be nicer? So the 15mm is that much more different than 17 underwater? (dang, I have no idea about the water factor on optics!). Do most of underwater photographers use Manual or is TTL preferred? I guess this is in regards to the Inon. They do sound nice. I shoot manual at work... but TTL when doing any action work. Curious. I pre-ordered the new version of "The Underwater Photographer", so looking forward to reading that up. -Vadim
  12. Hey everybody, I'm currently trying to figure out what exactly I will need for my underwater foray. I'm a professional photographer (product photographer), and use Canon cameras. I'm thinking of using my 5D Mark II body as "THE" camera because it can do both photo/video. Now, this is going to be a hobby (living in Montreal, Canada limits to subject matter a little more than say Cayman), and I don't want to break my piggy bank too much, though I can afford more if I "need" to. Because this is going to be my first underwater experience with a camera, I'm curious to know what I should get and what I should expect on the first dives? I read that some ppl can't believe how hard it is to control everything underwater (size, weight, flash, etc). I've been swimming through your various posts, and will be going with Ikelite products. Quality/price is sounding great. Some ppl appear to love 2 strobes, some say start with 1, you'll have your hands full. I'm thinking should I go all out - get 2 strobes? But that starts making me think I'm digging into my piggy again. So: Ikelite 5D mII housing 8" dome + matching port for 17-40mm lens. My reg zoom lens is a Tamron 28-75 f2.8 (for work I use the 90mm tilt-shift exclusively hehe, try fitting that!). 1 or 2 DS160 strobes. What are things to be aware of? Any stories of your first times? How did you start? Jumped in with DSLRs? 1-2 strobes? Curious to hear your stories. Thanks in advance, great posts by most of you! -Vadim
  13. Well, my first tiny post here... but as I'm a pro photographer above water, and do own a 5D mrk II and hoping to go underwater with it... I'm interested in this thread. The thing some must understand is because the Ike-housings are much more affordable to the common man, more "commoners" own them. Because of this, there's a strong possibility that there is more online feedback. Sadly, us humans often post when things go wrong with our equipment, and the internet can give us an appearance that there's something totally wrong with a certain brand. My original 5D mark I, or any other camera for that fact from Canon (since the EOS-3 film ones) have never failed me. But if I would go to certain forums, you would think that certain models are disastrous releases.... there are lemons everywhere.... buyer be smart. If you are making money from underwater photography, or have a good amount of personal wealth, getting a higher end body is justified. But if you don't earn from this, or can't justify the additional costs of better brands.... well.... Here's one last perhaps extreme analogy: Your family is priceless right? It would be amazing to drive in the best family sedan available right? Well... if you can't afford it.... you get the next best thing Anyways, keep the answers coming, it's a good thread. Thanks for all the replies. Vadim
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