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  1. Hello, My name Is Bob, and I am from Charleston SC. I am looking forward to contributing and learning from this site.
  2. 1 week before I leave for DEMA. I am accepting all reasonable offers before I leave
  3. Price reduction to $575.00 Last chance before posting to Ebay :-)
  4. Price reduction to $600 This is based on a recent market analysis, and of course, a need to sell to pay for some new toys :-)
  5. Hi Marcel, I am sorry, but I do not know the answer. I have used both Inon, and Ikelite strobes on this housing with success. Regards,
  6. Thanks for the question. Sea & Sea 5-pin sync cord bulkhead for either single or dual strobes or TTL converter if desired.
  7. Thanks for the question: Officially it is rated to 200' (60M), however, I have personally used it at 250ft (~76M) without any problems. The concern is not the housing integrity, which will withstand even greater depths, but the possibility of the buttons not responding properly at depth due to spring tension. These have operated just fine at 250ft (~76M). Regards
  8. I have had some questions about international shipping. I would be willing to to ship internationally, as long as the buyer is willing to pay the shipping charges. I will only charge ACTUAL shipping fees, nothing extra. I hope this clarifies some questions. Thanks
  9. I am selling my Canon 300D Digital Rebel with an 18-55 mm lens and a Sea & Sea housing with compact wide port. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a complete DSLR system with no other items required to take great pictures. Items include: -Canon 300D SLR camera -Canon EF-S 18-55mm lens -Focus/zoom gear for the 18-55mm lens -Sea & Sea -300D underwater camera housing for Canon 300D -Compact wide flat port for 18-55mm lens -Battery and Charger -Manuals, extra o-rings and lube Price is only $700 plus shipping. All in very good condition, and never flooded. Selling only due to upgrade. All items have been used, some have cosmetic wear, but do not effect picture quality. Everything is in good working order with lots of life left. Please PM me or email me at pharmbob1@gmail.com if you are interested.
  10. I may be able to help you. I have sent you an email.
  11. I have a setup in great condition with camera, wide angle and fisheye lense, macro lense, fuji and ikelite housings and acessories. I have not dove with it in a few years, as I had moved on to DSLR. Let me know what would be a fair price. -Bob
  12. Some interesting thoughts on the topic: http://www.rebreatherworld.com/general-reb...-stupidity.html And YES YES YES, ALWAYS CARRY BAILOUT!
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