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  1. I just saw the article and video on the front page and i'm in shock ! That is a really bad thing to do ! Definitely a non-sense and very dangerous situation , hope that this don't create a trend and more people try to do the same . Maybe Wetpixel must consider to not publish this kind of reckless actions. I've been in the water many times with humpback whales and once, unexpectedly, i get caught in the middle of a heat run and almost get hit . That's the only time i feel my life was in danger with the whales .
  2. Hi Not exactly the lens you asked but i have the Nikon 12-24mm , if you are interested let me know
  3. Yes , you are right . That light was a prototype ( the shoot was in 2014 ) , they corrected the problem and the actual models have an even flood light .
  4. Hello Tom I had used the services of Mike Mesgleski mikem@underwatercamerarepair.com for the maintanence/overhaul of my Aquatica housings . Faster and cheaper than sending to Canada , specially for me that live outside USA. He's located at Florida keys as i remember , and i it gave me a great service. Good luck JA
  5. Thanks Pajjpen and Sbonev ! I will go next month for 2 weeks on a Deep South route , i will post a report after my return . It's supposed to be a great diving there but very limited information available on the web about it . Regards
  6. Thanks I'm planning to go there in April ! so i will like to have some recent report Nobody have been there lately ?!
  7. Anyone here have been diving the southern dive sites at Sudan's Red Sea ? Have been episodes of coral bleaching recently in that area ? I will appreciate any recent information
  8. Thanks for your post ! I'm actually planning a trip for next year . Which time of the year you went ? Great photos JA
  9. Very nice !! Great shots . Hard corals looks abundant and healthy . The vis is amazing Thanks for posting
  10. Yes , that's true and sadly those parrotfishes are mostly fished within our territorial waters . After this decree that must stop , but i will take time and lot of efforts . Shark are already being targeted for the shark fin trade, the use of their livers for extract the oil , the jaws for souvenirs and in the south west they fish the eagle rays because they had a false believe that their tongues cure asthma !! . Also the use of long nets ( chinchorros ) kill lots of juveniles eagle rays in an area in the north west that seems it's a big nursery . We need to promote the consumption of more sustainable species ( lion fish , dorado , wahoo,king fish, deep water snappers , etc ) instead of the parrotfishes , which we are already doing it . Also to help the authorities to promote better fishing practices among local fishermen and to put more efforts on law enforcement . Conservation is still a very difficult matter here , so this ban is only the first step but it's a huge one . If you live in DR and you want to get involved, you can pm and i will let you know how you can help.
  11. Dominican Republic banned the capture and trading on all shark and rays species in his territorial waters forever. A cornerstone action was implemented by the minister of environment that will greatly help the conservation of our marine ecosystems . The decree also temporarily prohibited the fishing of parrotfishes and surgeonfishes( for 2 years ) and diadema urchins ( 5 years ) . Which we hope it can be extended for life in the near future. The implementation was made by the new minister Francisco Dominguez-Brito and was heavily supported by world known business man and conservationist Richard Branson ; also by the local community of environmentalists which are also now collaborating on the implementation and enforcement of the new rules . Here is one of the few publications in english of the news: http://www.fis.com/fis/worldnews/worldnews.asp?monthyear=&day=19&id=92316&l=e&special=&ndb=1%20target=
  12. Thanks Tim , i will check Emperor Divers .
  13. I'm planning to go to the Red Sea June/2017 , but i'm not sure which itinerary/live aboard to choose . This will be my first time there and i'm looking to photograph nice scenics with beautiful hard/soft corals and schooling fishes . A friendly napoleon wrasse and a dugong will be also in my wish list . Can someone recommend me a live aboard good for photographers and which itinerary is the best for what i'm looking for ?
  14. Hi I live and dive in DR for the last 25 years . We do have plenty of locations with clear water and white sand , water temp at this time is 26-27 celsius. I can give you some guidance based on what you want to do exactly and your budget. Island is quite big so i suggest to plan ahead first and then choose to fly to the airport here that is closer to your chosen location . Airports options could be La Romana, Punta Cana , Santo Domingo , Puerto Plata and El Catey ( close to Samana ) , all international airports with daily flights from USA except El Catey which i'm not sure if only receive charter flights . All of them are close to white sand beaches with clear water. Any additional info let me know Regards JA
  15. Hope that we have some croatian divers here that can help me with some info about the diving there. A friend of mine is heading to Croatia this weekend and wants to know which dive sites are the best and which dive operator to use . Can anybody here give me some info ? Regards
  16. Really cool !. Thanks for sharing it Where was that ?
  17. My recommendation take both with you . I shoot a cropped sensor Nikon camera with the 105mm and 60 mm macro lenses , but your options are very similar. The 60 is great for things that allows you to get close , especially in places that the vis is not too good ( like muck dive sites ) and 100mm is the choice for subjects that don't allow you to get close like some gobies , pigmy seahorses ,etc. I've been to Raja Ampat twice and i used more often the 60mm than the 105mm but some shoots are impossible without the 105mm Extra magnification is a must, like the macromate or subsee wet diopters . I think same concept applies for video . Happy shooting JA
  18. That's only my appreciation , i didn't made any test or side by side compare. But anyway if any difference , it's minimal. JA
  19. God post Bob ! I had the same question in my mind since long time . I had both lenses and shooting the D7000 too . After i bought the 10-17 i had never used again the 10.5 for the only reason of the advantages of having a zoom capabilities on my camera, which can help a lot to change compositions of certains situations/subjects . I think that the 10.5 is a little bit sharper and produce less chromatic aberration than the 10-17 but the advantage of being a zoom put the 10-17 as my top choice , specially for the kind of wide angle photos that i made most of the time : reefscapes,big animals and caves. For static subjects , like wrecks i all probably prefer the 10.5 over the 10-17 Happy shooting JA
  20. Thanks for sharing , very nice ! Conditions looks awesome ! , which time of the year you went ?
  21. I second Edpdiver . Balicasag was my favourite .I was there 3 years ago and used Seaquest dive center based at Oasis hotel which I found is ok and very convenient . I also dove other areas at Visayas : Pescador , Apo and Cabilao , the most beautiful scenics was around Balicasag . Good luck
  22. Cool !! Which remote sensor are you using ? and how reliable you find those ? Regards
  23. Yes, for sure i will increase the iso next time . I think i will go with iso 400 . That second shot was at 1/13 s . As for the tripod i only used on places that it doesn't make any damage , next time i will use a small one that i have that is basically 3 tlc 11" arms ,it's easier to handle . Regarding a second light on camera i prefer to use the 2 strobes mounted in my housing if i want to lit the foreground at the end of the exposure. The pic below was made using a tripod with a 4 seconds exposure which doesn't work because my buddy moved ( due to some problem with his gear ) and also he left the light too much time at the same spot ( in front/below him ) and burned that area .
  24. Glad you liked . Yes that speed ( as minimum ) will be my aim for next sessions . I carried a tripod but not easy to use and sometimes quite impossible due to the irregular configuration of the cave's floor ,because the tripod i use have a fixed legs length .
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