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  1. Beautiful and professional video! Nice mix of natural audio, voice and soundtrack. Did you use final cut pro for the editing/
  2. Hello! A keen dive guide at Misool Eco Resort spotted this minute shrimp jumping around sponge and hard corals with some tunicates and it appears to have a tunicate attached to its side. This was much different than the wispy algae and hairy shrimps he had found previously but the same size. Does anyone know the species? And if a new species, how does one go about submitting it to the scientific community for confirmation? Terima Kasih!
  3. Some wide angle and macro images. What a great Wetpixel expedition! Hope to join another one . . .
  4. Agree with Douglas and Jenny that Trip 2 was simply excellent! Primo diving, compadres and crew. Wish I was on trip 3 but scheming to get back to Raja Ampat and Misool for another fix. What a gem of a destination . . . Here are clips of a sampling of dive sites from Trip 2. First time using the Canon 5D Mark III video capabilities and no tripod in tow so lots of room for improvement. Started with wide angle only . . . baby steps. This plays best in HD. https://vimeo.com/56278300
  5. A tropical top 10 . . . Yongala Wreck / Queensland, Australia Manta Alley / Gili Lawa, Indonesia Cannibal Rock / Rinca, Indonesia Torpedo Alley / Rinca, Indonesia Jahir II / Lembeh Strait, Indonesia Roma / Wakatobi, Indonesia Beangabang Bay / Pantar, Indonesia Peleliu Cut / Palau, Micronesia Maytag / Bligh Waters, Fiji Darwin's Arch / Galapagos, Ecuador
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