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  1. Hi, Sorry, i sold this on scubaboard a few weeks ago
  2. I have an Inon D180 strobe and sync cord for sale. Has cosmetic scratches on it. Asking $150USD + shipping (shipping is from Ireland)
  3. Maybe you are looking for a cheap backup camera set up or wanting to get into underwater photography but don't want to spend a fortune. For sale is my Ikelite housing for a Canon XTi (400D) with tray. One of the control knobs is broken on the inside, but it can be repaired by Ikelite or if you are handy you would be able to do it yourself after getting the part. Also included is the backpack to carry it in. I have used this backpack for the housing, two Inon strobes and various arms, clamps etc and taken it onboard as carryon luggage. It's heavy but the backpack is so compact people don't normally think it weighs much - so if your airline doesn't weigh carryon lugguage you're set. To finish it off there are various bits and bobs including a sync cord, a couple of inon arms, clamps and a box of small things - not really sure what's in there or what they are for, but they will be yours just in case they are important $200 USD plus shipping (shipping is from Ireland)
  4. I'd also be interested if you were to break it up (in particular the 8" dome) Mel
  5. Hi Wendy, Thanks for your reply With regards to the magnetic ports this is the information I have... Port converter ring for INON INON MRS 60mm port INON magnet ring for EF-S60mm And the advantage of using INON port, it is only you can use MRS system. MRS system, it is "Magnet Rotary System", to control manual focus with magnet ring instead the gear This is from Yuzo in Japan. So really from reading this again, the magnetic system is just another way of controlling manual focus with the 60mm lens? Is it essential to have a manual focus option or is auto focus enough? Thanks, Mel.b
  6. It had to happen - my beloved 5050 flooded today It's not all bad news though because now I really can upgrade to a dSLR. I want something small and compact and basically have my heart set on the Canon Xti in a Seatool housing. This also means I can keep my Inon strobes. So is anyone using this setup? I'd love to hear your thoughts. I have a question too regarding port choice. The housing can take either the Seatool ports or the Inon magnetic rotatery port system with an adapter. There is no significant different in price and no difference currently with respects to the lenses I want (neither currently have a port for the Sigma 17 - 70) but both do for the 60mm and 10 - 17. So is there any advantage in going for one over the other? What is the advantage or reason that Inon is using this magnetic system? Thanks heaps, Mel.b
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