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  1. As im in to surf photography I will be using a SPL water housing. That is a good point about the dia of the lens and port size. Didnt even think about that. That will be a major factor. Will be using lens in and out of the water as you would expect.
  2. Which of these two lenses would you reccomend. The Canon ef 20mm f2.8 usm or the Sigma 20mm F1.8 EX. By just looking at them the sigma seems the likely choice as it is cheaper and has a larger aperture. But thought I would ask to see if any one reccomends one or has some usefull info on which to choose. It will be used on an Canon Eos 30 (film) and a Canon eos 10D. I have heard about the compatability of some sigma lenses with eos digital cameras, but need to look into that a bit more as I have only heard about it. Thanks Dan
  3. Ok Thanks very much for your input and advice everyone. Dan
  4. I live in the uk. Its only because I have heard horror stories about cameras not been assembled completly. or lenses not working as well as one bought from a proper dealer But I am not sure of the truth behind these comments so thought I would ask some more people. SO you think the only difference would be that there would be no Canon UK warranty.
  5. Hi Was looking on ebay at the canon eos 20d. And there are alot of camera being sold saying they will be shipped from hong kong. Are these camera's as good as the ones you can buy in ur own country from canon dealers. May sound a silly question but I'm not sure.
  6. thanks for that. much appreciated. I thought 81 filters were used a fair bit in lndscape/outdoor photography to make the picture more warming and appealing. Anyway thanks again Dan
  7. Thanks for the reply will have a look at the link. Dan
  8. Hi I want to start buying some filters but not to sure which ones to get or which make. From wot I have read. I need Uv, polariser, 81a,81c and a red and orange for black & white work. Is this correct or do u reccommend other or more. Plus which are the best makes to look at. Thanks Dan
  9. thanks very much guys. I may even have to re evaluate what camera to get if need be. will check the links now. Dan
  10. Hi I am about to buy a sony dcr pc330 video camera. I am after a water housing for one but need one that will be suitable to use while being in the surf. I emailed ikelite and they said that there's were not designed for this use and wasnt sure if it could cope with the odd smash from the waves etc. Could any of you please recommend a housing that would be suitable for this. Also for a canon eos 30 slr and a canon eos 10d digital slr if possible. Not video but still pictures Thanks very much for any help. Dan
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