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  1. I found this 10cm frogfish on a coralencrusted rope in front of SWV in Mabul. Im thinking is a freckled frogfish, but not sure. any ideas? Or maybe this one: www.frogfish.ch
  2. Yeah you are probably right... the hassle of getting the lenght of that lens will outweigh the pricedifference to the canon...
  3. Thanks but like I said, im in a remote location and will not order lens or port until I know that it will fit, so dont have access to that information.
  4. I'm looking to get a Tokina 100mm 2,8 for my Canon 20d in Aquatica A20 housing. Will this lens fit in the standard macro port with one extension ring or is it too long? cant seem to find any measurements and i'm in a rather remote location for a long time. All help appriciated!
  5. Looking for PD150 housing, preferably in Europe or Asia, since i'm based in Thailand. No lights or monitors wanted, just housing and port.
  6. Admitted, I've been a topside photographer for years and been shooting underwater video for quite some time, so I duess I did have a head start with uw photography. The gallery is made with CS2, flash gallery, quite an easy and quick way to post galleries. Thanks for the comments guys!
  7. I hope you'll have a great trip with fantastic diving and shooting! You should be allright with the monsoon.
  8. Hi Everyone! Just bought camera+housing and spent my first week shooting underwater in Perhentian Islands, Malaysia. Please give me some feedback and advise on what im doing right/wrong. Mostly shot with natural light. A small gallery Sorry if it is a little slow loading!
  9. Definately interessted in the housing. What are you asking for it? Can be picked up in the UK. reply asap
  10. Getting my first housing for stills, so only reasonably offers please!
  11. Thanx for the input! I guess i'll have to do it in post like i'm doing now....
  12. My housing do not have the option to whitebalance under water, so I want to WB before starting the dive instead of using autoWB during the dive. How can I tweak the WB for the best performance? Can this be done by WB of a whitecard with a tint of another color? The technique works on land but i'm not sure about underwater, since the light changes alot with depth. Anyone with an idea?
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