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  1. Bill, Thanks for the info, I'll look for that. I'm just starting to look around the forums. I always bring the manuals for reference, especially with a new camera. Corby
  2. Yako I called the seller and they are sending me a ups tag to ship both the camera and housing so they can make good. Just a little anxious, I have a trip to Raja Ampat and want to be able to practice a bit. I've never had an Olympus camera and menu's seem a bit daunting. thanks again! Corby
  3. Yako: That's the hotshoe that was installed in the houseing. Thank you so much. I will follow up with the seller. Corby
  4. So I just got an Oly omd-em5 with a Nauticam housing. We got the hot shoe option because we had cords and are not thrilled with the fo set up. The strobe is a Sea and Sea ys- 90 Auto Duo. Can't get the strobe to fire. The oly stock asscory flash will work, and tried putting the hot shoe on my old G9, and it will fire the strobe so seems like the cord and strobe are fine. Is there a setting on the camera we have wrong? It has a nikon style hot shoe. Also scraped the paint off where the forward pin touches on the camera, but still no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Corby
  5. I just got an Olympus E-M5 and a Nauticam NA-Em5. Housing. Having a challenging time getting the external strobe I had fire. Not sure if it is a compatibility issue. Hope I figure it out before we go to Raja Ampat. Corby
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