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  1. brave shrimp those guys always remind me of the worm aliens in Men in Black (the ones always hanging around the offices making a mess)
  2. hey nice find and sorry I cant help with the id but that's no lure, it's a skeleton shrimp
  3. thanks definitely could be sharper...next time ill nail it!
  4. cheers Damo great shot allison, looks like it's a lot more common behaviour with cuttles than I thought!
  5. Thanks It could also be my monitor is calibrated too dark :/ ... Interesting about the cuttlefish, it's my third time in the red sea and it's the first time Ive seen it
  6. About the shot with the little cuttefish - we saw about three different juvenile cuttlefish sheltering the spines of urchins at night so I figure it must be common behaviour though I hadnt heard of cuttlefish doing that before - have any of you seen it?
  7. Last September I enjoyed a great week on Emperor Elite southern Egypt These are some of my favourites from the trip, all shot with a canon g10 and single inon strobe As a side note this is the third time i dived with Emperor and they keep impressing me with their service every time. This time Egyptair managed to lose both mine and my buddy's luggage on the way there and we were looking at having to do a whole week on rental gear but they found the luggage a day after we got on board and Emeperor drove it all the way down from Hurghada to where we were along the coast (about three hours away?) and then got it across on the zodiac for another hour to the liveaboard - that's great service and it made my week a heck of a lot more enjoyable!
  8. hmm ok doesnt seem like a good option anymore then, thanks for the info Bent!
  9. I first dived the similans in 2008 and was thinking of going there again in April next year but a few people (including a mate who lives in Thailand) reckon they're not as good as they were Id like to hear from any of you who have been there in the last couple of years whether you think they're still a good spot
  10. nice to see some pics from home damo the first two show just how colourful the macro life can be here
  11. my guess is Loligo vulgaris too, often see them at night as they are attracted to the torches in Malta we sometimes get huge breeding aggregations of them and they coat all available overhanging surfaces (such as wrecks ) with eggs
  12. bingo, thanks Tom, google brought up a bunch of pics under that name which looked just like it. Creepy little guys....
  13. I found this little guy in very shallow water over the reef in Cirkewwa, Malta at night. It seemed to be some sort of crustacean larvae living in a salp 'shell' and he used his little tail to propel himself around at a good speed. Any idea what it is? (sorry for the blurry shots but it was only around 1cm long, transparent and moving way too quick for my little compact cam to focus well!)
  14. Hi both mantas and mobulas have cephalic lobes but mobulas seem to keep them furled most of the time (at least more often than mantas). The most reliable way to tell is the position of the mouths - in mantas it is at the front of the 'face', in mobulas it's underneath
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