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  1. I haven't tried calendar production before but I have tried the services of Vistaprint. I remembered that they offered calendar printing and reproduction. Why don't you try visiting their site and availing of Vistaprint coupons? I gave them a try and they delivered the goods exceptionally well. And they posed reasonable prices too.
  2. What a sad sight! I do hope the government there can do something about it or even other countries and organizations who cares can do something. We can't wait for these sharks to be endangered...
  3. WHOA. Real cool! I have never heard about this project before. Thanks for the link! Real cool! I wonder when the time will come I too can surf the skies just like Mark Watson. Real cool guy! and he does a Nikon, too!
  4. I installed Lightroom a couple of months ago and I never ever used it. I still prefer photoshop. That's what they taught us back in college. I'm not a fan of NEW things.
  5. OOOOOOOOOOH it's real sweet and yummy. But then again, couldn't afford it! I'm stuck with a D40.. but anyways, better than nothing right.
  6. It would be real cool if it were real. But then, yeah, it would be kind of impossible to capture that. Ooooooh the wonders of post processing.
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