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  1. There is only one camera store in Bermuda. And they don't have many items in stock. But the staff is very helpful and professional. I talked to them this morning. They are going to replace my defective D800 with a brand new one on Monday. Great! Nikon service requested all RAW images that I took since I got the camera back. Other than that no questions were asked.
  2. After almost 2 months I got my D800 back. Made 40 shots at f22 to make sure the problem was resolved. It was not. The first oil drop happened on shot 17. The second one on 28th and the third one (the biggest one) at the last shot. I guess I am stuck with a defective camera. Nikon Service cleaned up the sensor but did not fix the issue. What do I do now? I am going to talk to the store that sold me the camera. But I doubt they will exchange it.
  3. Yes, I did. I hope it's nothing serious!
  4. Yesterday I was shooting a landscape with my two months old D800 (the camera has 8700 clicks). When reviewing the pictures I noticed that the sensor was covered with dozens of drops of oil. A Nikon representative did not deny it and took the camera for service. Apparently this happens with new cameras or so I was told. Is this really normal? Would you send your brand new camera for service or simply clean it yourself? The Nikon representative strongly advised me to send it to a Nikon service centre. The service centre is in US and it is going to take weeks before I get my camera back. Back to DX for a while...
  5. I used Sigma 105mm macro for about a year. It was a bit slow to focus underwater with my D90. But I got used to it and actually I loved the lens. It's been a year since I switched to Nikon 105mm micro VR. After my first dive with Nikon 105mm I sold the Sigma lens. There was no way back. Nikon is simply better.
  6. I took my Nikon 70-300mm lens underwater today. By an accident. I am not sure if anyone ever tried that! I was in a such hurry this afternoon to make it to the boat dive in time, I took 70-300mm out of my Pelican case instead of 105mm macro. Funny! Of course I did not have time even for a test shot. I made it to the boat in time but got busy again on the boat and never looked at my rig. Underwater nothing worked. I thought I was having a macro lens of course. I've changed numerous settings underwater and wasted 15 minutes of the dive until I gave up. And the DA-90 Nauticam housing stopped responding as well. The lens was slightly pushing the macro dome port and finally the camera got misaligned inside the housing. Nothing happened. I even managed to get one picture out of this setup. I am going to keep that picture just as a reminder. I think I have about 80 dives with D90 and never before failed to assemble it properly. I always assemble my rig the night before the dive. Always worked as a charm. Never ever a I am going to assemble my rig in a hurry again!
  7. I took Sigma 105mm underwater in Nauticam D90 housing and loved it. This is my the only macro lens. So, I have nothing to compare it with. Auto-focusing was fast with the help of SOLA 600 focusing light.
  8. I got mine on eBay delivered to Bermuda from Hong Kong in 2 days by FedEx. A brand new lens with a warranty card. The seller was 'chinaarts' but there are plenty of Tokina sellers on eBay.
  9. I've got Sigma 105mm 2.8G macro lens. I can't find any information if this lens is performing OK underwater.
  10. Same here. The lens release button is not accessible. Well, I am not entirely happy with the Nauticam D90 design. But I haven't done any underwater shooting with it yet. I am going to take an empty housing for a dive tomorrow just to make sure it does not leak. Will start shooting next weekend.
  11. That's interesting... After playng with the D90 settings the following sequence seems to disable the internal flash. Under Menu scroll to Custom Settings Menu, select Bracketing/flash. Scroll to 'Flash cntrl for build-in flash' and enter. Select Commander Mode. Set Built-in-flash Mode to '--', Group A to '--', Group B to '--'. This seems to completely disable the internal flash. Continues shooting mode works just fine for me. When the flash is required simply switch back to the TTL mode. Let me know if that works for you as well or if I am missing something here.
  12. I've just got my Nauticam D90 housing. I can't figure out how to disable the D90 internal flash when I want to shoot with ambient light. I can turn both my strobes off but the internal flash will still be firing. I guess the solution is simple but I just can't figure this out.
  13. Yes, the mooring is still there. BSAC guys went there just last weekend. And they got 3 more lionfish.
  14. South Western Breaker? I dove there the day before but my shots were not nearly successful as yours. Agree. Yummy. There were 6 of them on Xing Da wreck last week in just one spot. Well, I took plenty of pictures and then we got three of them on spears. Sounds cruel and does not look pretty on pictures. But I do have a license to kill lion fish and yes, they are tasty. Nice shot!
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