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  1. Yea.. I know... But underwater my thing is the photography. That's why I don't have many images. sorry... The places are these, as you said: Tonga and Palau. Thank you!
  2. camera: Canon 5D Mark II lens: 16-35mm f/2,8 housing: Seacam thanks mates!
  3. [vimeohd]35418465[/vimeohd] At the end of the last season, Albeto and Vero, from www.divingmenorca.com and me, went to explore the underwater caves from the east south of Menorca island. 'La Catedral', 'El Órgano' and 'El Campanario'. There are no concept in this video, just enjoy in a 120 minutes dive with friends and show how the sidemount works in that caves.
  4. hi there, i've replaced the video. now with the soundtrack credits. thanks for your advice!
  5. hi there, you are absolutely right. it has been my mistake. a big mistake the compositor is the great Clint Mansell thanks for the criticism.
  6. [vimeohd]27355219[/vimeohd] rafael serrano: freediver enric adrian gener: underwater graphics www.27mm.net menorca © august 2011
  7. Hi there, Somebody know what's the best way to buy a seacam flash in London or UK Thanks!!
  8. Thansk so much for your help, people! Because is dificult to be sure about this kind of choises if you are a begier, like me. But, I think that I will buy the 5D MarkII... ¿some lens to recomend for this body? Thanks again!
  9. Hi, Thanks for the article. And sorry, I was refered to the 5D Mark II. Canon 5D Mark II + SeaCam housing or Canon 7D + Aquatica housing ¿what's your personal opinión? ¿is it enough reason buy the 7D jus for the 60fps in video? Thanks.
  10. Hi there, My doubt, buy the: Canon 5D + SeaCam housing or Canon 7D + Aquatica housing My point is that I'm also interested in they video skills, and, fot this the 7D is better, but in general this camera is a level down of the 5D. ¿what do you think about? Thanks!
  11. Mmm... Very, very nice. I like the 'tempo'. Because dive is it, an other world, an other space, an other time. I hope see your work again!
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