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  1. The fiber optic hookup will completely block the cameras flash, using it only as a trigger. You will eliminate the backscatter completely if you aim the strobe correctly. I had an Oly 770 in housing using an Epoque ds150 flash and it worked well. Only went to a DSLR rig after I gained lots of experience with the Oly and decided I would get into the hobby in a big($) way! :lol:


    Try out a cheap strobe, its way better than the built in flash.

  2. Having dealt with currencies around the world through pay-pal I find their exchange rate aweful. Not even close to the "official" rate. Add on charges and hold backs and they are a crap company to deal through. The good thing is they are accepted in many places and is is very convenient. Their must be a great profit center for e-bay but they are becoming way too expensive for anything over a couple of hundred dollars. Wish there was another way to pay, but with the banks srewing everyone I don't see any chance of improvement soon.

  3. Hope he is more honest with you than he was with me. He told me he would accept my offer of paying full pop for the D150 and dual sync cord. After sending multiple messages he finally contacted me and said he would invoice me and accept payment through paypal.


    I have an address in NY (confirmed paypal) he never answered my messages after I sent him my e-mail address (no it didnt get trapped in the junk folder).


    Good luck getting the goods from him. Guess some people's word isn't worth much!

  4. Drew, I don't think that defending a person "just because they are trying to make a living" is justified. If you had said they were ignorant or that they had a cultural reason(often the same thing) that would be a valid excuse , but justifying immoral behaviour because its yor way of making a living is indefensible. (Just ask the Saudi morality police or a Taliban fighter. Both are simply "trying to make a living".)

  5. I think you're missing the point,these people are putting themselves in harms way to make a statement and to get publicity for their cause. While you are entitled to your opinion you don't seem to have too many ideas to help stop whaleing, at least none that you are sharing. Some people arer just talk, blah , blah, blah. what are we doing to prevent the senseless slaughter of these innocent animals?


    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against eating meat and have willingly killed animals raised on the farm back in the day when I was on the farm. Whales don't really fall into this catagory though. They are being killed to use in animal food as there is not enough of a market as human food. Even the Japanese don't eat much whale meat.


    Sort of like the campaign to kill sharks for their fins. Wasteful and it is decimating the shark population. Killing sharks makes as much sense as killing polar bears. There is no reason to hunt whales.Period.

    Whether or not the Ady Gil was responsible for the accident is immaterial. The Sea Shepards are taking the fight to the enemy, I'll support them all I can.

  6. I think it is admirable that these volunteers are ready to put it all on the line to protest the innocent. It makes me ashamed I don't do more. These people are todays heroes, not those who fight in support of dictators in Middle Eastern "democracies".


    If more people had the guts and determination to stop the slaughter of marine animals by dishonest profiteers then maybe the whales dolphins, seals etc. would be around for our grandchildren to enjoy. Not to mention Tuna, sharks, cod, well, lets face it some of them are beyond the tipping point and are probably headed for extinction. For what? Profit. Nothing more. Plain old greed. Talk about pirates!


    The dishonesty of the Japanese whaling industtry makes me puke. Scientific research? Crap! It is even worse than that of the Canadian sealers and killing seals isn't even illegal. There is no moral or legal justification for harvesting whales, full stop.The Japanese people should pressure their government to stop this deplorable action.


    Unlike Greenpeace the Sea Shepards are actually doing something useful with the donations given by concerned people. Paul Watson may be a little rough around the edges but I believe he would trade his life for the preservation of the whales. Guts, determination, and damn little glory. Fight on.

  7. Wow, reading this thread makes a person think. Why enter contests if there are so many crooks running them?

    I always admire the pictures and fell envious of the photographers but hear nothing but bad things about the organizers. Prizes not awarded, photos stolen( credit and royalties not paid ) and it merely reinforces my belief that they are not on the up and up.


    Guess it makes more sense to stay away from them and get feedback from other photographers you respect.

  8. I see that thjere is an Ikelite housing with ports on E-bay for the Nikon D-50 that is currntly about $250 US, I guess anything under a grand would be a reasonable price. This is the rig I am using and I've found it an excellent beginner rig. Eventually I'll try to buy a housing for my D-200 but for now the D-50 is a better camera than I am a photographer and it is infiniely better than the P&S I had before.

  9. The latest attempt was by a Nigerian man. That does not fit what most people consider to be the "profile." Or, are you just talking about targeting all non-whites?


    Sorry Eric the latest fool terrorist exactly fit the profile, IslaMIC extremist, on a terrorist watch list, coming from a known hotbed of Islaamic trouble makers (Yemen). i don't care what color your skin is, nuts exist everywhere but customs screens people every day. I have been pulled over many times for fitting the profile of a drug smuggler. (Young single male traveling alone with long hair and beard, carrying lots of bags to/from countries with drug problems) It is an inconvenience to be the only one checked on a flight but I understand why they would check.


    What I object to is the poor security wasting time and effort on non likely suspects and allowing real problem passengers onboard out of some sense of political correctness. They even gave this last fool a Visa, although he was on a watch list. Why bother with a watch list if you don't even use it to screen people?


    I happen to live and work in an Islamic part of the world, with Islamic students and friends and know that the overwhelmingly vast majority have peaceful intents but I also know where the nuts are being harvested. Let's use some common sense in screening people.

  10. This just reinforces my resolution to avoid travel to or through the United States. They have every right to react to the last scare, just as I have to avoid their country. Instead of concentaring on the people who are the problem (and you know who I mean) they are forcing the rest of us to suffer. God save us from political correctness. How about targeting the potential trouble makers (yes, I'm talking about profiling!) and leave those of us who don't fit the profile alone. I don't see too many western diver terrorits!

  11. All this nonsense caused by one more extemist who was on the terrorist list yet was given a visa by the Americans. Incompetance or ???? In any case the security procedures at Amsterdam have always been strict and obviously weren't good enough. Now they'll have a show trial and clamp down on the "normal" folk and we'll let a few more freedoms slip away.. Air travel has long been unpleasant, the airlines just keep making it worse. Can't wait to retire to someplace good to dive and stop all this airline travel torture. Just grit my teeth and bend over!

  12. Just FYI, a D70 won't perform any better than your D50; they are very, very similar except the D50 is a bit lighter and it uses SD memory instead of Compact Flash. The only reason I switched was because I got a good deal on a used D70 housing. The D70 does have separate aperture and shutter speed control dials which make it a bit easier to use in manual mode underwater.



    I found a brand new Ikelite housing on Ebay last dDec. for omly 650USD and it works great. Nice toi sea all the controls and if theres any leaking. The controls required a little bending to get right but the housing is great. Lots of ports available and Ikelite offers bullet proof customer service.

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