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  1. Hi Mike, I'm in England and took advice from an Australian friend about which bulkhead to get (perhaps a mistake as Nikonos 5 pin is standard in the UK too I have now found out). I've contacted Subtronic and they are suggesting the Pro 160 which retails at about £900 (eek) and say I need a converter from Heinrick Weinkamp to make it work AND to also get a converter from s6 to Nikonos 5 pin as apparently their strobe comes with that connection!!!! It is all hassling me badly best wishes, Maria
  2. Thanks Ellen - the 10 bar housing is not a design classic IMO. All the functions do work but the ones involving the select and directional arrows take some fiddling. Ironically the joystick is easier to use which I understand they had trouble with (although you do have to operate it backwards - push left to go right etc) Really like the camera itself - the housing is workable and seems very robust. I can't seem to get the flash to vary though, when using the camera on it's own or with a borrowed strobe. Hence my kerfuffle on what to buy best wishes, maria
  3. Thank you Jack. I think the Subtronic bulkhead may have been a mistake Is there a brand that does really fast recycle times compared to the others or perhaps a connector that converts subtronic to Nikonos or something? Seems a shame to have the hotshoe connection and be unable to use it. I think I need a strobe with manual controls as when I borrowed a strobe and fibre optic cable there didn't seem to be any variance in the intensity of the flash (unless I am doing it wrong) best wishes, maria
  4. Hi there, Please excuse me, I have done a search for LX3 and don't appear to have come up with anything so I am probably doing it wrong in some way... Could anyone help me on what would be a good strobe to use with the above combo? Please be kind as I have not a clue about photography. Thanks and best wishes, Maria
  5. Hello, I'm using an LX3 and 10 bar housing. I know nothing about underwater photography (or photography generally) so please bear with me.... best wishes, Maria
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