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  1. It was at Marsa Mubarak. A great site for turtles, rays and the occational dugong with no scuba required as most is in under 2m.
  2. Nice one, Thank you. I don't suppose you know where to get any more info? the usual searches haven't revealed much..
  3. on a recent trip to marsa alarm, egypt, I came accross this unusual specimen in about 1m of water. Can anyone help with the ID please.
  4. I'm looking to upgrade my UW camera to Olympus PT-EP01 Underwater Housing and PEN E-PL1, but I don't want to spend out on a new strobe just yet. I currently use a fantasea nano fibre optic cable to connect a fuji remora to my current setup. I've done some investigation, but getting conflicting information. Could someone tell me if I can reuse this strobe and/ or cable with the PEN setup?
  5. Very jealous of you Puffin, looks like you had some good viz then and got some great shots. Was definitely the washing machine affect when I was there, only time I have felt more sea sick underwater.. Would go back tomorrow for another shark dive if I could though
  6. Nice one. I was thinking cat fish at one stage, but thought they were fresh water only. Thank you
  7. Got to say this was some of the most challanging conditions I tried photography with the surge, low light and particulate. Anyway here are some of the better pics.. Aliwal Shoal Shark Dive Sodwana Bay first frog fish
  8. Diving at the Aliwal Shoal, RSA. I came across this guy. Only had a chance for a quick shot as it disappeared into some caves so picture isn't great. I now struggling to ID it, please help
  9. 3 & 5 were while drifting along an almost vertical wall. Would you still try and shoot up on a coral wall or is it better to try to get closer to the wall and shoot along it? The first was with natural light as it was from the dive with dead batteries. It had the best dive to the trip too.. It was the only time we saw leopard and eagle rays as well as the turtle, but the pics didn't come out very well at all . I have some with a blue background, but with the natural light it got quite grainy. It was the last dive of the day and the light was starting to go. This was the shot after the 2nd Thanks for the comments
  10. Here are my first few shots with my external strobe. It's given me a lot to think about and I'm feeling like I am right at the bottom of the learning curve.. Any help, tips and suggestions are welcome. First leason learnt was to go out with charged strobe battries Slide show
  11. TNT

    Red Sea

    I've only got a Fujifilm F200EXR at the moment. I'm really looking forward to get back in the water with a strobe now as I feel like I am improving Thanks for the comments
  12. OK, back from the red sea again. 23 dives from Ras Mohamed to Tiran. Lots of pictures, a few I am happy with. Think I am improving from Last visit Any hints of suggestions would be welcome? I like macro, but know it needs a lot more work. Already planning my next trip with strobe
  13. This pic was taken in naama bay, egypt in the red sea. The closest Pic I can find to it in my ID books is a Juvenile blackspotted sweetlips, but it doesn't seem quite right. Sorry for the quality..
  14. Thanks for the help guys. I think I will go for the stobe i was looking at the Sea & sea YS110a, but will check that other one out you recomend and see how far I can stretch the budget. I'm sure it won't be long before I get the wide angel lense too (unless I can get the SLR in the water before then). Cheers Tim
  15. Ok, so I have been looking at getting an upgrade with a limited budget. I am using a P&S (fuji 200EXR), but am looking to extend it by either adding a strobe or a wide angel lens (may be both in the future). I want something that will be flexible, but I do love my macro so in a little bit of a quandary. Any suggestion which would be best to get first? How durable are the wide angel lens?
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