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  1. I completely agree Dean, Aside from your definition though, I'd like to add that those who have contributed to the underwater photography is also among them, like Eric Cheng himself and his work has contributed a lot to the underwater photography world. There are many more people who are less known but their work, efforts, talent and techniques has contributed tremendously to underwater photography.
  2. I couldn't find a set of images or gallery of her work though. Looks like she's done a nice book. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Where can I see some of them Karl? I feature creative photographers on my website and I would appreciate to learn more about you guys! Thanks, Ali
  4. Thank you every one for contributing to this post.
  5. What about Cathy Church Curt Bowen I guess they too have contributed a lot to underwater photography.
  6. Thank you Simon for sharing your top photographers.
  7. Thank you for sharing your list. They are all amazing photographers.
  8. There are many inspiring, published photographers out there that are worth mentioning. Just share those that you like their work and you feel like you've been moved by their work at least once.
  9. I guess David Doubilet is among the legends when it comes to underwater. Big names even bring up his name!
  10. Hi, Who are your top five favorite underwater photographers that you are inspired by their work, like their photos and basically their work are remarkable to you? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Al
  11. Thank you very much for your help, Dave, I tested it once with weight and it worked perfectly so I am using it since then.
  12. Thank you Bo. I live on the coast of Persian Gulf and returning it is not possible for me. I'd love to return and since I've purchased through B&H I am sure they'd be more than glad to change it for me but I am out of luck on this. So I rather test it dry once and if the crack stays still and everything is all right as you mentioned, I'll use it then. Thank you for your time and advise.
  13. Thank you Steve for your attention
  14. I have attached the photo of the crack. It is close to the rear end of the port. The manufacturer is Ikelite. TY
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