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  1. Looking for a pair of 5" arms and a couple of clamps, anybody have anything in the kicking around the closet that you don't need?
  2. Another vote for Jenny, used her many times in the past and just booked another trip with her yesterday.
  3. We brought both types of fins, used the full foot for all of the boat dives and used the open fins when diving Seraya Secrets. You will need booties for the shore dive since the shoreline is a mix of sand and rocks and when you're in waist deep water, it's all rocks.
  4. Pacific Rim, smaller boats very good service but you have to meet at the marina
  5. We were at Scuba Seraya a month ago, don't count on high speed internet. Patrick, the owner, will let you use his internet connection but it is very slow. According to Patrick, most operations have offices in south Bali because of the lack of high speed internet in the northern regions. Cell service is good so a smart phone is an option. That said, it's another vote for Scuba Seraya, our own dive guide for the whole time we were there, the boat with the no more than four divers and the two of us most of the time, you make the call on what you want to see and what time you want to dive and the guide will deliver. Villa's are nice and meals are cheap, not five star food but good.
  6. Check the thread from Brandon Cole, he might still have a couple of DS-125's that haven't seen saltwater still available.
  7. For those looking, B&H has the Canon mount in stock!
  8. A few months ago I received a request to use a photo of a Komodo dragon from the same group based in Vancouver BC, I gave approval, no problem so far...
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