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  1. Thanks for the info everyone... Which new Nikon is it that has the housings that support optical cables? D7000? I like Ikelite (price and quality!), I just wish they allowed room for the flash inside their housings!
  2. Hey everyone, Ive got a little problem, can anyone help me out? Using a g10 w/z240 in ike housing now. Im looking to upgrade my kit to two strobes- looking at either the s2000 or d2000. The problem is that I'd like to eventually upgrade to an SLR (when I win the lottery ), and keep using my strobes. 1) Apparently the s and d Inon models will sync from a camera flash even without an optical cable? How reliable is that? 2) Would it be possible for the s or d Inons to sync from the z240's flash if and when I upgrade to an SLR? Any problems with this? Thanks for the help everyone!!!
  3. People DO live in Thailand and want to buy things over the internet occasionally, you know? If you prefer to come and collect your money in person, thats an option too. (Im not covering the flight cost, thanks...)
  4. Hey there! Do YOU have a reliable Canon G10 lying around, collecting dust? Want to make that paper weight turn into $$$? You've come to the right place!!! Sell me your g10! Get paid through paypal! Ship it to Thailand! Reply to this thread or send a pm TODAY!
  5. Hey everyone! Thanks for the support during these trying times. Heeding various advices Ive been getting, I had the strobe "up on blocks" for the day- packed with rice to soak up the moisture. Last night I cleaned out the bat compartment as RXed and gave it a few blasts with compressed air to dry it out.... The next day (today) it worked! Woo hoo! ....then after the 5th dive of the day I noticed something odd. I had the strobe turned off and still under the surface - but I could see a faint orange glow coming from inside the strobe through the status light window. I thought it was funny, and I couldnt remember ever seeing this before. I had to change the batteries anyway, so I took them out and the glow was still there! Def. coming from inside the strobe. I couldnt feel any heat coming from the body, so I took it on a night dive and it continued to work fine. (Yes, I did 6 dives today... ) Im stumped. Has anyone ever seen this before with an Inon z240? Is my strobe a time bomb??? ...stay tuned!
  6. HELP! I JUST flooded my Inon z240. The battery cap was left off.... boat guy put the stobe in the dunk tank. Im sure there was fresh water in the battery box. What can I do?
  7. Im in Bangkok... there arent so many dealers close by that charge a fair price. The closest place is in Krabi- "One Stop." Does anyone have pictures of the bottom of the G10 housing? Or better yet, measurements of the space between the bolts? Thanks!
  8. Great info! Thanks for the help guys.... gonna get a price on the Ikelite arms. I dont have a drill at all here, unfortunately.
  9. Hey guys... Still looking to buy an Ike housing for my G10- found a place in Thailand called "One Stop" that sells em for the list price. Anyway. Ive got this tray and arm setup I bought for the Canon housing, and I want to use it with the Ikelite housing. Does the tray/arm detach from the housing itself? Thanks for the help! Marcus
  10. Hey all! Ive been looking around and checking up on a brand new Ike housing for my G10. The only problem being I live in Bangkok and there aren't so many camera shops for U/W gear. On the Ike website they list "DiveMaster" in Bangkok as an official dealer of Ike products- but those guys wanted to charge me $800 for the G10 housing! (There has to be some law against that!) Anyway, does anyone know of a reputable shop in Thailand that sells U/W camera gear, or delivers here for cheap?? Thanks!
  11. Ok, Great, thanks for the replies everyone... Still looking for a little more information about the depth of field I might get with it though.... I'd hate to spend a whole bunch and then find out I have the DoF of about a hairs width at best with my G10 Anyone have any pics taken with the G10 and the subSee?
  12. Hey everyone! Ive been slowly upgrading my kit and am thinking about getting a macro lens- Im taking a lot of photos that I feel could benefit from a greater magnification. Now, I know that the SubSee lenses are good for dSLR setups, as there is a greater focal range. But what about the G10, which is quite limited? Also, what about the magnification on the zoom (which goes out to about 105mm, if im not mistaken)? Would it be worth it to get the SubSee magnifier (or another) for this camera given these "limitations"? (Also, i'd really appreciate it if someone has used this setup and has some feedback or pictures theyve taken with it that i could see!) A million thanks!
  13. Hey guys and gals, Sorry to bump this thread up, but I have been looking for information about insuring my gear, and this thread came up. Its a little old, i realize that- but I hope someone can help me out with information. I checked out the DEPP link from the first page, and couldnt access it. A quick search of the thread turns up similar results and raises a question, has DEPP gone under? I did a little more checking and found this site- http://www.awryinc.com/depp/mainmenu.aspx Im not really convinced its legit. The website looks pretty hokey to be from an insurance company. Whats the score? Can anyone shed some light on DEPP? Thanks!
  14. Hey everyone! Im here looking for information, hopefully you all can help me! Ive had my G10 for a year now, have taken a couple thousand pictures with it underwater, and now Im looking to upgrade my kit with a strobe. Ive currently got the Canon housing. 1) Is there any MAJOR difference between a strobe with a sync cable, as opposed to an optical TTL connection? (im considering upgrading to an Ikelite housing, to use the sync cable for their strobes) 2) Currently in shutter priority, the internal flash limits the exposure to 1/500th. If I had a sync cable, or optical ttl, would I be able to sync the flash with a higher speed shutter? Say... 1/1000? A story: This summer I borrowed a friends Ikelite AF35, which i tried to get working for the G10. All of the pictures I took were either hideously overexposed, or virtually black. I couldnt for the life of me figure out how the damn thing sync'ed up. Which is why Im here now asking questions about the differences with a "slave" setup, such as the optical TTL.... I dont think Im very comfortable with it...
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