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  1. IMG_4959.heic I am selling my Aquática gear left overs . I ma based in Portugal, so will only send to European buyers. 3 extensions rings Marco flat port Aqua view viewfinder Focus and zoom gears for Canon 16-35 Glass megadome Everything used but in working condition except the Megadome that has never been used.
  2. Any one have a SEA & SEA M82 Internal Correction Lens and thinking of selling? Seems they have been discontinued.
  3. Thanks Stu, Just got an answer back from Jean, for some reason he sent me a response I did not receive. All the best, Nuno.
  4. Just uploaded the small vid to show the problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14qUVT1P0KY
  5. Hi all, Have my 5DMKIII down because a small problem and can't get any info on how to solve if. Maybe someone here can help. This is what I sent Jean: Thanks, Nuno. Hi Jean, Have a bit of a problem with my 5D housing I am hoping you can help with. I was traveling with the housing (with camera inside) in my think tank Airport International travel bag and when I took it out the shutter lever had been pressing hard on the side of the bag for the whole trip. So the result at the end of the trip was a completely bent shaft of the shutter release button inside the housing. I tried fixing it making it straight again (with a pair of pliers) but I do not think it is back at its original shape. I have sent a small video clip of how it is now. But basically I don´t understand if the shaft should be in front or behind the vertical screw on the top inside of the housing you see on the vid. right now it works but the shutter real ease button has a very small slack to let me: push till focus and then push for shooting. Can you take a look at the vid and let me know if it looks like you can find the problem with this info? Can you send me a pic of a new shutter button shaft so I can get mine in to the right position? I guess the only other solution will be to order a new button. All the best, Nuno. Any help would be very appreciated. If anyone else owns an Aquatica 5DMKIII housing and can take a pic of the shaft it would be excellent . Thanks, N
  6. Love the Aquatica view finder, defenetly a must have to improve your work flow. Count me in for a 45º view finder, never tried 1 and would love to have one on my Aquatica housing, count me in for 1 jean. Have to agree that Aquatica has made a major improvment in there housings in the last 2-3 years. Ergonomics, weight, button access... all alot better, no doubt. Never been so glad to be a Aquatica user. All the best and good dives, Nuno Sá.
  7. Thanks Drew, problem solved, I think I might aswell let those geniuses at Canon know that the solution is in their own Users Manual. Nuno.
  8. Hello every one, I´ve just changes from my 5D to the new 7D, just got the Aquatica housing this week. Amazing camera and amazing housing, can´t believe how much both the cameras and the housing have evolved in the last 3 years, since I bought the 5D. So I am new on these Live views and filming things. Just read the Users manual twice and still adjusting. I have a problem, every thing works great, but when I connect my Ikelite DS 160 or 125 to the housing the strobes only fire when I am focusing via the View Finder. When I use Live View the camera focuses and fires properly but does not fire the strobes. Contacted Canon and they say I have to contact Aquatica, so I have been waiting for an answer from them for a few days. The camera does fire my surface speedlite flash in Live view so I dont understand what the problem is, probably the electronics. Any answers on this? P.s. - Another problem I had to ask Canon about is that I couldn´t get the info of the top buttons (ISO, WB, Metering mode etc...) to show up on the LCD as indicated on pg 229 of the users manual. Turns out you have to push the info button 3 times and then push the top buttons - then the info appears on the LCD. Thanks, Nuno.
  9. Thank you everyone, Backskatter had a lens. Just ordered the 7D, Aquatica housing and the lens, looking forward on recieving it. Never dived with a croped sensor camera, looking forward to it, having my 100mm go 160mm with the same minimal focus distance sound very nice... and of course the main reason using a wide angle zoom with decent coner sharpness. Under/Overs also sound good with the 8fps, so does fast action shoots underwater and at surface (specialy with whales and dolphins - wont mind having my teles going a bit further). Of course I will still be using my 5D with the 15mm and for macro with larger subjects. Overall I think it is good to have both FF and Cropped sensor cameras and explore the advantages of each of them. Thank you everyone, your help was precious. Nuno.
  10. So, my mind would be made if I could get my hands on Tokina, but it looks like it is back ordered by the manufacterer and I can´t find it anywhere. Cheked B&h and a few European sites (I am in Portugal) it is out of stock everywhere. Any ideas?
  11. Yes I agree Alex, but the resolution diference between these 2 cameras isn´t that big 21mp of the 5DMKII against 18mp of the 7D. Of course the pixels on the 7D are on a much smaller CMOS sensor but the main difference will once again fall upon how well she handles higher ISO´s. Do you use the Tokina on your non FF much? All the best, Nuno.
  12. So you have the 5DMKII with the 17-40 and now the 7D with the Tokina. It would be great to hear a result comparison on overall image quality, but so far it seams there is no question about it - for Wide Angle zoom the 7D beats the 5D due to the Tokina.
  13. Thanks Alex.... I was afraid you would say that. Based on your experience do you think the editorial value of pics taken on a more consumer oriented camera such as the 7D will be an issue? I am a professional Wildlife Photographer living in the Azores so my pics are oriented to big animals in the Blue, this is why I really need a WA zoom solution. I mainly work with magazines but also pics for bilboards and so on - so a high quality camera is expected. Thank´s Nuno.
  14. Thank´s Darren, Good to hear your opinion, specially because you are using the same camera and housing I am considering. Are you also using the Aquatica Megadome? Nuno.
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