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  1. Thanks for the replies - I've just bought a pair of strobes!
  2. Both mine just died of old age but I liked them so I want to replace them. Just need the heads, not the arms, though I'd also be interested in a spare Ike housing to dual Ike strobes synch cable. I'm UK based, and as a guide they sell on eBay for around £75/80 when they come up. Anybody interested in selling?
  3. Ah, but there were just as many options in the old days....
  4. Very intrguing! Maybe a slightly simpler way to look at it - infinity object appear exactly as Martyn says, at 3.03 x radius of the dome from the front of the dome = 123mm. The other important piece of info you need is the distance behind the dome of the sensor plane (Most cameras have a mark on the body to show this, often a circle with a line running across it, the line marking the position of the sensor plane). Measure the distance from the sensor plane to the dome and add this distance to the 123mm you already know and that is the distance to set on the lens for a subject at infinity. As your subjects are at 2-6m the image of them the dome creates will be a bit closer than this maximum distance, but not much, again as Martyn says, so set the focus a bit closer. I know it'll be a apin, but I'd run a test with the focus set at the maximum calculated distance, then a bit closer, then a bit closer again until you get sharp images over the 2-6m range. Good luck!
  5. Excellent - everone always says there are dolphins on Kingston, but I've never seen 'em And as far as BA goes, they skinned me for £70 excess baggage a few weeks ago because they've just changed their hand and hold baggage rules but not changed what was on the tickets
  6. South and marine park islands are better than north for pelagics, but can have stronger currents, otherwise I don't think there is much real difference in the diving wherever you go in the Red Sea. Art the moment my perception is that the north is quieter than the south. January/February are relatively quiet, with plenty if spaces available, which equals decent last minute discounts I don't agree with the 'deep, short dives' comment Alex posted. The north wrecks are, with one exception, in 30m or less, and hour-long dives are not only possible, they're routine. My last dedicated wreck week I averaged 65mins dive time That said, I'm a wreckie and run wreck tours. If you want more info feel free to PM me.
  7. Thanks, guys, that's two and a half votes for the YS 110s (Including one on DDN!) Anybody had 'em in the water yet?
  8. I checked some time ago, from what I remember import duty om flashguns runs about 20%, plus another tax I can't remember the name of of about 3%, all plus VAT at 17.5%, plus postage costs. It does still work out a bit cheaper to buy direct from the US, but not a great deal and at the time (When I bought my housing) I decided to go to a UK supplier (In case of warranty issues) and try and negotiate an extra discount by buying at one of the dive shows. I ended up paying a bit more than US prices, but not much. Meanwhile the YS110s are still without a champion either here or on DDN.....
  9. Not got a UK price for the Z240, but the Z220 is the same price as a DS125, just under $1100. Found a Far East source at half that but they're out of stock and the note says next stock expected August!
  10. Problem with DS125s is cost. In the UK a pair would set me back the equivalent of $2700, twice their Stateside price, hence the search for something cheaper. I'm currently looking at the Sea&Sea YS110s, which would cost me the equivalent of $1300, and have a spec that suggests they'll do most of what the DS125s do, albeit with slower recycle and an aiming light not a modelling lamp.
  11. Thanks for your advice, guys, seems like I need to look at something else.
  12. After lots of looking on the net and downloading of specs the overall best compromise strobes in the UK seem to be the new Sea and SeaYS110s, combining reasonable power, good beam coverage, small size and weight and a reasonable price tag. So, are they too good to be true? I've seen a couple of posts on here from owners of these beasts, do you think they're: 1 Ohmygawd fantastic - why does anyone buy anything else? 2 Good strobe for the money but no better than (Insert strobe name here) 3 OK, but nothing special 4 They're already on ebay Ta! Mike.
  13. In the 'Best of' section under Lighting is a comparison of various strobes posted by Gazzer from Singapore - unfortunately the link to the pdf does't work anymore (Or maybe it's just me, it usually is...) Does anyone have a copy of the file they'd be willing to pm me? Thanks, Mike.
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