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  1. To answer the question - I am bax737's partner - he logged in under my user name ( or I'd left it up) when he put the photos up - there is no issue of copyright infringement etc - simple mistake - I have been in contact with Drew and he is happy with this explanation - matter solved - now back to taking photos and getting ready for the cyclone
  2. Hi Drew actually I am a female diver with the kids (18 + 16) - wont mind paying extra and can organise a bemo each day to get me up to sights - the hotel has been booked and paid for - so which operators do you suggest ? thanks for your help so far
  3. hello all am looking at going to Bali in Jan 2010 for 14 days - "problem" is family will be with me - so staying again in Nusa Dua or similar - I am allowed to dive on 7-9 of the days away but would have to be day trips - can anyone recommend a great operator who knows the sites such as PJ sereya etc and would be willing for me to just do day trips - I don't mind if I have to get up @ 4am etc -but have to stay with the family - any ideas ???
  4. nexus have as well shipping from 26th nov (thanks seaoptics)
  5. Hi all OK I have just purchased a Nikon d300s - I have 2 x z240 strobes ( was wanting to use fiber optics)- am looking at getting a housing - since its going to be a major purchase and one that will last for many years - I need to make the right choice - I have a decent amount of $$$$ to play with as been saving for a bit -hence "getting it right" 1st time - I am after TTL (proper) thru my inon strobes - depth rating is also important - user friendly and easy to use - can you guys recommend any housings - so far I am leaning to Aquatica - but not too sure (factory wasn't sure) on getting ttl -so its open to you guys
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