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  1. We're investigating. Thanks for the notice.


    To answer the question - I am bax737's partner - he logged in under my user name ( or I'd left it up) when he put the photos up - there is no issue of copyright infringement etc - simple mistake - I have been in contact with Drew and he is happy with this explanation - matter solved - now back to taking photos and getting ready for the cyclone

  2. It takes about 4+ hours to get to Gilimanuk, Sererit and 3+ to Tulamban/Seraya from Nusa Dua. I'd recommend you to my fave ops but I'm not sure I want to put them through going at 6am every day for 7-9 days in a row. :wacko: You'd probably get 2 - 3 dives at most. I'm very sure you'd be paying extra for that. You can search for the various ops in Bali in the forums by doing a search.

    What I suggest is you move the family up to Lovina for 3-4 days to do the dolphins (DON'T stay at the dolphinarium which is terrible!) for the family. The beach is black sand but it's nice enough. Hotels aren't as nice as Nusa Dua but kids don't care... usually the wife will though :) . Then you can do PJ/Sererit which is 20 mins away and Secret Bay about 1.5hrs away.

    Then move to Manggis (stay at the various nicer places like Alila Manggis). Again black sand beach but Tulamben is 1 hour away and you can get back to your family after 2-3 dives and also do dives in Amed.

    A bit more moving around but done right, you'll get your diving, kids get dolphins and beach, wife gets super spa. :)


    Hi Drew actually I am a female diver with the kids (18 + 16) - wont mind paying extra and can organise a bemo each day to get me up to sights - the hotel has been booked and paid for - so which operators do you suggest ? thanks for your help so far

  3. hello all

    am looking at going to Bali in Jan 2010 for 14 days - "problem" is family will be with me - so staying again in Nusa Dua or similar - I am allowed to dive on 7-9 of the days away but would have to be day trips - can anyone recommend a great operator who knows the sites such as PJ sereya etc and would be willing for me to just do day trips - I don't mind if I have to get up @ 4am etc -but have to stay with the family - any ideas ???

  4. Hi all

    OK I have just purchased a Nikon d300s - I have 2 x z240 strobes ( was wanting to use fiber optics)- am looking at getting a housing - since its going to be a major purchase and one that will last for many years - I need to make the right choice - I have a decent amount of $$$$ to play with as been saving for a bit -hence "getting it right" 1st time - I am after TTL (proper) thru my inon strobes - depth rating is also important - user friendly and easy to use - can you guys recommend any housings - so far I am leaning to Aquatica - but not too sure (factory wasn't sure) on getting ttl -so its open to you guys

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