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  1. And if anyone is wondering if the D7500 will work in a D7200 housing, it certainly doesn't look like it...
  2. Not heard of any issues before, but I only have experience of the Nauticam flash trigger...
  3. I was about to upgrade to the Nikon D500 (from D7000), but Nikon announcing the D7500 has made me pause for thought... It looks quite promising... D7500 has inherited a few things from the D500, including the same 20.9 MP sensor and faster processor (burst speed, buffer depth, ISO sensitivity, video) but same 51-point AF system taken from the D7200. 4K video, with the same 1.5 crop as the D500. Has a pop-up flash, but that's not really an issue with most housings having flash triggers etc. The recycle time of the pop-up flash will still probably be the slowest part in the equation, meaning that a flash trigger will still be a quicker (and more costly) option. Will be interesting to see the upgrade price (camera + housing) for the two cameras. http://wetpixel.com/articles/nikon-announces-the-d7500 https://www.dpreview.com/news/2885741290/nikon-d7500-what-you-need-to-know Good to get thoughts from D500 and D7200 shooters...
  4. Nice shots Mark. I have a 60mm Macro and 1.4x Kenko, but never shot with them together! What extension do you use?
  5. Just noticed no pop-up flash. Probably not a problem for Nauticam, as they have the Flash Trigger which fits into the hotshoe. But other housing manufacturers may have an issue triggering strobes with fiber optics...?
  6. Looks great... AF-ON, sub-selector and Fn buttons on the back will be a useful for uw photographers too...
  7. Interesting, if somewhat ambiguous, interview on dpreview with Nikon regarding their DX/FX strategy. Including their admission of a lack of a professional DX body to compete with the 7D MkII... http://www.dpreview.com/articles/3639917149/cp-2015-nikon-interview-we-learned-from-the-d600-episode
  8. I think I recall reading in an old post some people use gun oil to bring the black anodised finish to new? Search and you may find the original post.
  9. If that turns out to be an issue for you, you can always upgrade to the D7200 - much larger buffer and it should work in your D7100 housing...
  10. That also happened to me when I posted, but a browser refresh updates the profile from Guest to correct profile... don't know if it's a site error or a browser error? (Safari 7.1.3)
  11. The D7200 fits in the Nauticam D7100 housing perfectly - it seems that the camera has remained exactly the same externally. http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=55155
  12. Even when camera's look similar, there is usually quite a bit of difference between models: additional buttons, moved buttons and different shaped grips etc. Housing manufactures work to very high tolerances for all the buttons to work just as you expect them to.
  13. On the subject of Nikon cropped sensors, does anyone think there is still space for a Nikon D400/D9000 cropped sensor pro body? Is the D7200 equal competition to the Canon 7D MkII?
  14. If I went to full frame, I think I'd miss using, diving and travelling with a 4" mini dome and the 10-17. Everything fragile fits in a Lowe Pro Trekker backpack as carry on, so easy to travel with. Not only is a full frame camera + housing much larger/heavier, but then you have to add a large dome and extension rings. It's the large dome that's the big difference for travelling.
  15. I can confirm the D7200 fits in the Nauticam D7100 housing. I was working on the Nauticam Australia stand at OzTek over the weekend and I personally put the camera in the housing and tested all the buttons. Everything works.
  16. Yes, it was tongue-in-cheek. But great to hear that they perform well even beyond their 100m depth rating. Not that I'll ever get near those depths. Although, I did accidentally reverse into my housing with my 4WD ...and it was fine - so I know how tough they make them! I still need to try out the float arms - probably would get the 200mm or 250mm length.
  17. So the housing and carbon fibre float arms survived...?
  18. Hot water and a little shampoo do the trick for me. Just take it in the shower with you! Personally, I don't want my housing covered in oil.
  19. Great shots, as usual, Edward. What would you consider the most notable improvements from the D7000, in shooting underwater? Faster focus? Sensor? ISO performance? Brighter viewfinder? Spot WB in Live View (for shooting video)?
  20. Pam, I think the Sync speed is the same as the D7000. 1/250 by default, but can be changed to 1/320.
  21. I'm enjoying the new site. For quick navigation to Reviews etc, can you not just create a dropdown menu on Articles, based on Categories/Sections? Product Reviews, Product Releases, News, Interviews, Competitions etc etc I see Tagging would be useful as additional, not instead of. An article should only be in one Section/Category, but it can have multiple Tags.
  22. I agree that the LV Spot White Balance will be a great addition when shooting video u/w with the D7100. It's a pain at the mo, so much so that I very rarely shoot video u/w. This will effectively give a one-touch WB. From dpreview: "New in the D7100 is a 'spot white balance' feature, which allows you to set white balance when shooting in live view mode quickly and easy, by simply selecting an area of the scene from which to take the reading. This promises to be much easier than the conventional Nikon approach to setting custom white balance, which is far from intuitive, to say the least..."
  23. Hmmm, it's helped me to stop dreaming of putting a D7100 in my Nauticam housing!
  24. Looks like it's a case of so close, and yet so far... :/ Just did a quick overlay. D7000 and D7100 very different button layout. As Alex says, D600 closer button placement. I've done a rough guess of the relative size of the D600...
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