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  1. Until today, I just assumed there must be a class of divers out there with super-human buoyancy skills taking these perfectly in focus super macro shots with mm depth of fields.
  2. I highly recommend Indigodivers and Indepth Watersports dive charters. Both are photography friendly. Indepth is also the go to tech diving charter.
  3. You do not need a photo permit. My favorite wreck (artificial reef) is the HMS Kittiwake. Trinity is a nice dive with three extended swim-throughs. I always try and get at least one dive at Stingray City, although Stingray interactions are no longer guaranteed as feeding of the rays was suspended during COVID. Although, we did have a successful encounter there two weeks ago. EDIT: The Stingrays at Stingray City are typically fed squid. So if you object to this type of encounter, be advised.
  4. For sure. And in this case hope is going to cost me $500 USD plus shipping.
  5. That's the issue I'm trying to address. I've taken this system to the limit and need to push ahead. That said, I was hoping this would be the year where I don't need to spend more on gear.
  6. I'd like to start using the High Speed Sync mode of the Retra Flash guns and I wanted to know if the strobe flash trigger in my Nauticam NA-D850 housing, pictured below, is compatible with HSS. This version was standard when I purchased the housing in mid 2018. In any event, I plan to place the flash guns in HSS mode and increase shutter speed and see what happens. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.
  7. While assembling my Retra Flash Pro X, I was alerted to install a new firmware update 3.11. Was previously 3.4. I'm curious what the upgrade was for and if there is anything I should be on the lookout for.
  8. Thanks. Under what circumstances would you use the macro versus super macro rings? And do you normally have these for each flash gun when not shooting with the LSD? Does the reflector attach to the reduction ring or the flash gun itself?
  9. I’m really pleased with my decision to upgrade to Retra Pro-X flashes. After 40 dives shooting wide angle with my 15mm Fisheye and 16-35mm WA lens, I feel like I can consistently get great quality of light in my images. I’m trying to master these flashes for macro photography and could use some guidance. I currently have the LSD (Snoot) with two mask inserts with 6 holes with diameters of 30mm to 5mm. I do not own any of the macro reduction rings or reflectors. My two primary macro lenses are 60mm and 105mm. I also own an SMC-1 Nauticam Super Macro 67mm Converter. Which reduction rings (Macro or Super Macro) would be appropriate for macro images using a 60mm or 105mm lens? With the SMC-1 and the 105 lens? Can the reflector be used for both a 60mm and 105 lens? When using the LSD, what is the role, if any, of the second strobe? What is the range of optimum distances between the front port of the LSD and subject? How practical is it to have a dive buddy/model use the Snoot as an off-camera strobe while maintaining neutral buoyancy with no tripod or muck stick? How do you attach the various accessories to your BCD whilst diving? I apologize if these questions have been addressed previously.
  10. Just returned from a Red Sea live aboard. Using two 2x4AA LaCrosse battery chargers set to a charging current of 500mA was plenty for 3-4 divers per day shooting WA exclusively. I had a fresh set of 16 batteries by mid day. It took me several dives to lock in the correct strobe position for my fisheye lens. Overall I'm really pleased with this upgrade. I did find that using the supercharger as a handle to reposition the strobes had a tendency to loosen the ball mount. Have since added a lock washer which I think should remedy this issue.
  11. Probably not what you're asking, but I recently purchased a used Pelican 1650 hard case and place my ThinkPad V2.0 inside which holds my NA850 housing, macro port, camera body, two lenses, two strobes, strobe arms and related hardware and accessories. There is space around the edges to place my clothes in cubes which provides additional protection from shock. Total weight is 68 lbs. My second check in bag contains all scuba gear plus additional off camera strobes, extra batteries, tool kit and spares. I do this when I have the luxury of checking a second heavy bag on long journeys where I don't want to be lugging the ThinkPad plus a backpack.
  12. Just unboxed a pair of Retro Pro X flashguns with superchargers, wide angle diffusers and an LSD snoot. Very impressive. Placed fresh batteries in the flashguns and checked battery level and test fired both. Connected the strobes to the app on my smartphone and upgraded to version 3.4 of the firmware. After upgrading to version 3.4 firmware I am unable to test fire the strobes when in the "BATT/TEST" mode. Is this by design? From the firmware upgrade summary: ""Always batt" mode has been disabled on all flashguns due (sic) high probability of false battery readings while the flashgun is in operation. Please use the BATT/TEST for battery indication. More details in the topic BATT/TEST." Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  13. I’m considering purchasing a pair of Retra Pro X strobes with the Supercharger. We have several liveaboard trips lined up and I’m interested in hearing how folks on this thread handle battery management. It looks like I need 32 batteries and at least one 8 battery charger in order keep battery changes to one per day, assuming 3-4 dives. Does that sound right?
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