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  1. Thanks. That is one darn secure fit. Once I managed to get my fingers under the bezel on the acrylic side of the port, I was able to work the adapter off, by working around the circumference of the dome port, applying leverage with finger tips, thumbs on the outside of the port. Removed the o-ring, cleaned, lubed and replaced o-ring. Just need to play around with the optimum position now for shooting.
  2. Hello: I own a Nauticam SMC-1 with a Saga Wet Lens Flip Adapter for an Aquatica Macro Port and am interested in rotating the flip adapter so that the lens rests on the top of my port when not in use. Does anyone have a technique to remove and replace the Flip Adapter. It has a compression fit and was installed at the time of purchase. I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before I put too much force on the dome port or adapter. Thanks
  3. I ended up purchasing a YSD2 while still in Grand Cayman. Later that week, I saw a pinched battery compartment O-ring on my other strobe during a dive. Aborted dive and quickly removed batteries and commenced rinse and clean with fresh water. Fortunately, I was back in business the next day. Close call.
  4. Thanks and Happy New Year Y'all. I've tried everything suggested except cleaning the contacts again, but will do so in the morning. I was also unable to use a TV remote to trigger the "good" strobe in slave mode, nor was I able to trigger its focus light, which may mean something is amiss with the "good" strobe as well. I'm heading to Cathy Church tomorrow early to sort things out. Today I focused on managing with a single strobe and was pleased with the results, although it took more effort. I've always looked up to photographers that have mastered ambient light UW photography. For those that have used Sea & Sea YSD2 and upgraded, what strobes did you acquire? Thanks for all your help. If you don't hear from me soon, it means I have a bad internet connection.
  5. I’m shooting with two Sea & Sea YSD2 strobes with fiber optic cables with a Nauticam NA-D850 housing. Only one strobe is firing. The troubled strobe powers up fine and the focus light works. The battery compartment and non-used 5 pin sync cord compartment are dry. I’ve tried each of the 3 strobe settings with no success. The LED lights on the housing are firing and the good strobe fires with either sync cord and on either side of the housing. I put in a fresh set of batteries in the suspect strobe and still nothing. Upon inspecting the battery compartment, I now see evidence of cleaning of the contacts, due to a “minor” flood in January 2018. However, on this strobe design, the battery housing is separate from the internal electronics. Is there anything else I should try or should I just be satisfied that I got almost two years of service from a strobe that survived a battery compartment flood? I'm on day 2 of a 14 day trip to Grand and Little Cayman and wonder if there is a chance that I could beg, borrow, buy or rent a strobe while I'm here. Happy New Year!
  6. Thanks. I was hoping to save a little $ by buying directly from a specialty bulb site.
  7. Am looking for a replacement bulb for my Fisheye focus light. Does anyone know the mfg part number? Looks like a 20W, 12V Frosted Halogen, G4 package with Bi Pin Leads. Mike
  8. No worries. Is the housing still available? Mike
  9. I'm interested in the D100 camera body if it is still available. Mike
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