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  1. Interesting.... I have used them for years, great people. Talked to them yesterday, looking for some older o-rings, nothing special and they were very helpful. They didn't have them but directed me to a place where i could get them. Thank-you Backscatter for being around so long and being the great people that you guys/gals are.
  2. Michael, I have the aquatica for my D300 and love it, just spent a week having a wonderful time with it. It feels great underwater. I love the control layout. My only complaint is that for the way I shoot, there are almost too many controls on the housing there are so many that I do not use. I almost wish I could just plug some of them up! I love the quality of the housing Stuart
  3. Thank-you for keeping this topic pinned! I've known it was there and last week I set about taking care of my ports, I spent time going through this topic, reviewing the posts and responses. The micro-mesh worked very well and I am set for my next dive trip. Thank-you to all! Stuart
  4. Sigh.... I have my D300, I love it, amazing piece... I love the 12.3 sensor but I use the thing in manual, really don't use the banks D90 for almost half the price same sensor (right???) Housing will be less than a D300 housing... how could anybody go wrong with one of these.... Isn't it wonderful to be in the world of digital. the raw images are amazing.... Life is beautiful Stuart
  5. I admit that I had some issues getting response from info@aquatica.ca, but I found another way around it. They recently took care of a finish issue with my housing that I am surprised that they did, they didn't have to but they stood by their product. I have never been so happy with a piece of uw photo gear as I am with my aquatica housing, and a good people too. Stuart
  6. Have fun with your gear, you have a nice complement of stuff.... This is a very non-tech response from a very tech kinda guy that I am...I have the 18-70mm lens that came with my d70 and I use a +4 diopter on it when I put it in my dome port. I use the extension that I have which is the same extension that I use with the 105 and the flat port, I do not know if it is the 463 or 462... What I do know is that the 18-70 has been a great lens u/w. I very rarely go out to the 70mm, staying between 17 and about 40mm... but there is a lot of stength in that subjet range. I have the 10.5 and then the 18-70mm, 60mm and 105mm, my next lens to buy is the 12-24, I think this would be a killer lens to have. I love the 10.5, but you have to be really good and have the right conditions to use it. The 18-70 has given me a lot of great shots Stuart Cotts
  7. Someone spoke of - Depending on the audience - well if the shoot is for a client, to sell something or for some comercial aspect then the person who ponies up the bucks should get what they pay for. Which is something totally different than the artistic quality of an image. The artistic question about ambient light I think is a moot point. Artistically a photo is about form, about texture, about what ever presents itself, whether that is with artifical light or not is ot the question. Anyone who concerns themselves with light source is not looking to the artistic intent of a photo.
  8. I believe what you are looking for is Product #17854. It is misleading on the Aquatica site, it has a picture of a focus light on an arm but the description is "Light saddle ¼-20 mount ". I went through the same problem last fall when I got mine, I called Aquatica to find out the part number I have it and it is wonderful Stuart
  9. Looks alot like my D70 housing, different color of course... keep em coming, you make great housings. I have had such fun and have taken wonderful shots with it.
  10. Also when looking at a housing, look at your workflow on a typical dive day/trip. Do you like the ergonimics of how it feels in the water, do you like where the strobe bulkhead is (that one got me away from a particular housing). How does it come apart for how you want to change your system between dives, get at your cf card or connector to download pics. Does all of that fit into your way of working. I just spent a week with my Aquatica housing for my D70 on a liveaboard and absolutley loved it. What became evident to me very quickly was how easy it was for me to change things between dives. That workflow. The fact that I pulled the back off the housing and I could pull my card out easily and slap in my other card, format it using the controls of the camera and put the back back on the housing. Then as my newly shot card was transfering images to my computer I could easily change out lenses/ports and still have time for a nap before the next dive. What a fun thing it is that we do!
  11. Ingvald, I know this is probably a stupid question, but your shot of the plumose, that was in Norway??? They are rather prolific in the pacific northwest (puget sound) area of the USA. I love them, they make a wonderful macro study, I didn't realize they were on the other side of the world but I guess that makes sense. I imagine your water temps are about the same. They are rather beautiful in the emarld waters of puget sound. Stuart
  12. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller...earch&Q=&ci=158 Try that link, on the home page they are under Filters (on the left side) Then RoundThreaded, Bayonet Series Filters Then Close-up Lenses in the left hand column Hope that helps Stuart
  13. I am heading off for warmer waters in a month or so. I have the d70 (and a d70s), Aquatica housing with 8" dome, I would rather only buy one diopter for the 18-70, does anyone know if I need the +3 or would it be the +4??? I also have the 105mm and I realize the AF is 'slower' than the 60mm. Do I want a 60mm also or will it just sit in my bag. Thanks, these forums are fantastic! Stuart
  14. >>Gee, I should wash my NIKONIC mouth for saying such blasphemy :-), oh well ! alway's rooted for the underdog anyway I too have always gone for the underdog, it is why I bought a Kaypro CP/M computer because I didnt want to go 'big blue' And my film camera, up until I got the D70 last year, was a minolta SK. It was their 'answer' to the nikon F camera in the mid 70's. I did love that minolta!
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