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  1. Hi all, I have been using KODAK Cameras based on different Nikon SLR models before. They all used memory cards and hard drives in PCMCIA format. On the pictures you can see a similar slot to slide in these big memory cards too. Cheers, Torben
  2. Hey Giles, you want me to send some? Yes, the fins are freediving fins and great for blue water and wall dives in strong current like Tubbataha and Palau. For the Anilao coral gardens I use Forcefins... In the end it makes the most difference how you move and yes, I observed too that if you look at a fish, it's gone. The mirror lenses are supposed to tackle this problem. The whole set might just help a big but would not hurt I think...!? Did anybody try the gear already Cheers Torben
  3. Hi all, I found some fairly cool gear and I’m wondering of they are of any use for us critter stalkers. I’m about to order a bunch to give it a shot. It’s made by Omersub in italy. (www.omersub.com) The gear was actually designed for spear-fishers and comes in different designs to match different conditions. There are blue-water, green and brown camouflage masks, snorkels, wetsuits and fins available… Some masks even with mirrored lenses. Transparent fins are also available too. Another item I’ll try are camouflage stickers to make the housing less “flashyâ€. Anybody and experience with this? Next think would be a bladder/back-plate and tank in open water camouflage and I’ll be invisible!? Cheers from Manila Torben
  4. Hi John, six miles sounds very good... drifted once from Peleliu (Palau) for quite a while... Who makes your mega flag pole assembly? I'm very interested to get a couple of them... Cheers Torben
  5. Hi Michael, I have no experience with your Seacam dome but my main concern would be to get it scratched when going macro with it. When I'm shooting near the ground, my housing is sitting in the sand from time to time. My dome port (Subal) is on the same level and I would be very worried to scratch it if I would use it this way. Cheers Torben
  6. Hey Gary, Whats a gear hook? My set is connected with a 5mm textile rubber line to a d-ring on my right shoulder at all times. My console is mounted on the left side of my hip. If I check air, I check the computer... One instrument, all informations. Used a wireless version before but had trouble with the signal and the strobes... The traditional wrist type computers are always in the way/get caught when you have to get into the BC, especially when there is little space to move or you have to be fast. I dive from small outrigger boats regularly. I try to keep my gear as simple as possible. I use a Suunto Cobra with Compass on top. Mounting a Wrist type on the camera is a good idea too. Cheers Torben
  7. I love console computer... One piece less that you can forget or gets hooked while getting into the BCD. If a wrist type computer, I go for a watch type like Stinger, D9 or Scubapro Xtender which I can wear over a whole week of diving and hides under the wetsuit. During weekends I use console only. On longer trips I use watchtype + console if one gives up... Hope this helps... Cheers Torben
  8. Low tec: My favorite way to lessen the power of a strobe are some additional diffusors... I use a 5mm textile rubberband around the front of the strobe to hold various layers of white plastic foil in place which I cut from shopping bags... Works 100% ;-) Had the same problem with the 120 and D100... Hope this helps. Cheers Torben
  9. My list: Nikon 60mm Macro Nikon 10.5mm Fisheye Nikon 12-24mm Zoom Cheers Torben
  10. "Warranty repairs, What would you do?" I would grab the phone and call the manufacturer if my dealer wouldn't move right away. Talking to a person is much better than to send any emails... Cheers Torben
  11. Regarding the Reefhook, I use one in specific dives and think you can use it without damage in certain situations but not anytime and anywhere. Regarding the SMB discussion, I'm using a small 5ft, 35lbs for shore dives and a 7ft, 75lbs version for offshore diving. I have broken a couple of the plastic ones before already but the Carter seems to last. It also saved my butt in a couple of down-current situations... Cheers Torben
  12. Hey Will, yes, I can confirm that President Arroyo was swimming with the whalesharks of Donsol on March 18. They saw several whalesharks and had one 30min encounter She is actually a Open Water Diver... Cheers Torben
  13. Hi Will, will find this out for you, no problem... ;-) Cheers Torben
  14. wanna see, wanna see, wanna see it...
  15. Hey guys, 20 sightings in half a day is not uncommon in Donsol. They are always there but it depends on the conditions how many you will get to see. 5 weeks ago when I went it was overcast and rainy... not the best conditions and we saw few. My group last week saw more than 40 in 3 days incl. a 20min encounter!!! Make sure you join the firefly canoe trip in Donsol up the river in the evening... It's a nice foto opp. Shrimp fisher push theire nets through the river while wearing a petroleum lamp on the head... Feel free to contact me if you need any help to arrange the trip... Cheers from Manila Torben
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