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  1. Used to have a 12" ibook... lacked the SD... I now have a 12" PB with SD. Added 1GB RAM and works great. I use it on tour and to download and check pictures. The SD burns the backups... The 12" display is too small to do any serious work on it. At home I have a 21" that connects to the PB which works perfectly. When it's time to upgrade I'll certainly go for the 15" for the higher resolution and better overall display performance. Cheers Torben
  2. It's a "dream" strobe. I had a look at it last BOOT show... But I think Alex is right... It's not only big, it's heavy too. I had two big Subtronic strobes before, don't think they'll work when freediving, except you put the rig on a buoy or yourself on scuba... Cheers Torben
  3. Does a calendar have to start with January? What about July 06 - June 07? Cheers Torben
  4. I just got rid of my SB-800 housing... Was ok for most of the macro stuff but I still needed to adjust +/- in most cases so no use. I ended up fully manual... I didn't like the push button controls that most (!?) housings have. To change the settings you have to look at the display to see what you are doing... In manual setting the SB-800 goes in "sleep" mode and wakes up after the next shot... (did I miss a setting???) Cheers Torben
  5. Hi Stephanie, you can connect the cable coming from the bulkhead inside the housing to two different sockets on the circuit-board. One is wired with 2 or 3 pins, one with 5. Do you use the 5pin? Just an idea... Cheers Torben
  6. Hey guys, we have regularly divecomputers diving by them self here... Mostly older series of Suunto Vyper and a lot of Mosquitos have a problem... Right from the box... We were diving in the shop 200ft+... ;-) That is one of the reasons I usually dive with 2 computers on a trip. If one malfuntions I still have one to go ahead... Cheers Torben
  7. Is there a perfect fin!? I don't think so... I use Forcefin Pro Tan Delta with Bungees 80% of the time. Additional advantages to the ones mentioned already is the fact that you can walk sideways when doing beach-entry. They are short enough and swim up because the edges are curved up. Ground contact is a rare occasion and I can swim forward, backwards and sideways which is great for macro and confined spaces. For blue water diving and wall diving I have a seletion of freediving-fins like Cressi Gara 3000. Good for maximum speed and comfortable. Cheers Torben
  8. You can expect to see it at the BOOT Show 2006, end of January in Germany... Cheers Torben
  9. BOOT 2006 will be end of January 2006 in Duesseldorf, Germany Torben
  10. I used a G2 Imagetank for a while with mixed results. I want to see that the files are copied and the files are not corrupted. Second I want more than one backup for the very possible chance that one drive brakes or gets stolen. For me the smallest possible Notebook with DVD-Writer plus a external Harddrive with CF Slot like the Nikon, Epson Imagetank etc. works best. I can browse any file, generate additional backups on disk and have a backup if one system fails... Right now I have a 12"Powerbook plus the Imagetank with 40GB... Cheers Torben
  11. Hi Hugo, the best parts of the Visayas are Cabilao and Apo Island. I'm not too hot about Cebu and Panglao... There are Sea Explorer resorts/operations in Cebu, Cabilao, Dumaguete, Siquijor etc... They are very professional and every group I ever brought was happy... The contact details for the Sea Explorer head office in Cebu: Tel. +63 32 2340248 cebu@seaexplorerscuba.com www.sea-explorers.com Another option is Atlantis Resort in Dauin near Dumaguete and diving in Dauin and Apo Island... You can get infos at the Atlantis Resort in Puerto Galera and check out theire webpage: www.atlantishotel.com Also very good service!!!! You'll have to go through Manila to fly to Tagbilaran (Bohol), Cebu or Dumaguete... Have fun! Cheers from Manila Torben
  12. My FF "chewing" story: Diving in Apo Island, Dumaguete, Philippines last week... A group of cat fish under a coral, took me a while to get the shot. After a minute or so, something was pulling on my fin. I thought my spotter wanted to get my attention and spotted something but I refused to react at that moment. After another more violant "pull" on my fin I looked back and saw a 1.5 ft titan trigger attacking me and biting my fins... I escaped without any harm, my Tan Deltas survived... Regarding the FF types: I have Pros, Tan Deltas, Extras, Excellerators and Foil Force Fins... Most of the time I use the regular Tan Delta, just slightly harder than the Pro. I swim in any direction with them without disturbing the ground. Since they are extremely short, they are easy to pack. If the weather is bad I don't take them off and climb up the ladders with fins on. I f I fall back in the water, I'm at least left with my fins. They are perfect for shore entries too. The upwards curved blade let them lift of the ground when walking sideways. If you have people who don't fin proper, they will stir up the ground with any fin... The Foil work great at the surface and for snorkeling, in strong current I use the Excellerator with Bat Wings... The Extra is just there... If I would have to buy just one pair, I would get the Pro with Bungees... Have fun Torben
  13. Congratulations Sarah and James! Have fun and all the best! Cheers from Manila Torben
  14. After a dive in Norway, I attached my Sealux F801 housing to a rope that I hung from the back of my 13ft boat to secure the camera while I climb up the ladder... Got distracted operating the anchor and engine while chatting with my dive-buddy. Next thing I saw was a housing with Subtronic strobe surfing behind the boat at 25knots... Housing, camera and strobe survived without damage... I don't plan to do that again... Cheers Torben
  15. I can also recommend the Nikon Coolscan 4000 or the new 5000. Used the 4000 for a year. Good results also in B/W. I personally was not happy with the Kodak or Reflecta 3600... I borrowed a 4000dpi Canon before. Didn't convince me too... Cheers Torben
  16. the more I think about it, the more sense it makes and the more advantages for the users are the result. On the new Apple hardware with Intel processor it will be possible to install OSX, Windows and Linux... All new Apple customers will get the hardware with OSX, so even Windows user who were never exposed to OSX will get to use it even when they install windows later on. It will also be possible to install a Windows parallel to the OSX, which enables virus invested gaming and serious systems for serious work without any viruses on the same hardware. I met so many people who were so amazed by the gr8 Apple hardware but had to use a specific software which required Windows... Even these poor creatures will have a chance to send a email without a virus now, just by rebooting Hang on Windows users, help is coming Me, for my part, I rushed to the Apple center round the corner yesterday and ordered a Imac 20", G5 2GHz, 2GB, 400GB... just to make sure... Have fun Torben
  17. this can't be sharper than the viewfinder!? I rather spend on a magnifying viewfinder like the Subal rather than on more electric stuff and a 45-60 degree angle... Unfortunately my Subal D100 can't be fit with one... Cheers Torben
  18. What difference does it make!? In the end I want a fast machine which does what I want... Would like to have a G5 mobile, but seems not possible because of power & heat, so I'll be happy to take any processor with a OSX as long as it works... Have fun Torben
  19. Had/have the same problem! I get theire calling cards and when it's a week long trip I put some on a not public page in low res. For daytrips I give them my card and they never call or mail... I make it very clear, that if they want anything else they will have to pay. Last trip I showed some in a digital slideshow on the last day and I was able to sell as many copies of my video slideshow DVD's as the videographer videos... This fixed my problem so far... Cheers Torben
  20. wow, very nice page, excellent navigation! congratilation!!! Have fun Torben
  21. I used to have two Subtronics. They were great for two beach dives a day, so I could charge them... I sold them because: - much toooooo heavy - battery broke twice (cell defect) - no power on multiple dive days / not enough time to charge on liveaboards - strobe arm broke twice - a very bad experience with ground staff on a flight without strobes... I liked: - power - target light For me, I buy strobes that take AA or other standard cells so I can feed Energizer if necessary. The only alternative similar brand I found were Hartenberger: http://www.hartenberger.de/english/e_hartenberger.html They have powerful models with exchangeable battery packs. So you can bring 2 battery packs, remove them if necessary or charge one while you dive... I talked to Subtronic on the BOOT show in January. They said that they will come up with a model with removable battery pack... The Minis are very nice and tempting, but I'm happy with a bucket of AA and Ansmann charger... Cheers from Manila Torben
  22. couldn't get it to work on the mac too, hooked up the IBM Notebook of my wife to the web... looks great! Cheers from Manila Torben
  23. Hi Stu, do you have a link to your pictures for mac users? Can't do anything with the exe-file!? Update from PI: Manila first rain, Mindanao rain since a couple of days... so diving next season then... Cheers from Manila Torben
  24. Hi guys, I faced the same problem... for now I write DVD's of all RAW shots as I transfer them from the CF. After sorting and editing they go on another DVD and the external HDDs. All the RAID functions of the different OS are great but I stick to manually copiing to two drives. Gives me more flexibility with more than one computer. I use the Maxtor drives with 250 and 300GB. For management purposes I have a low res jpg of all files, which makes searching easier... At all times I should have 3-4 copies of all files. Have fun Torben
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