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  1. I used Subtronic strobes with build-in focus light before. Great to have a focus light for macro and/or at night. You see where the strobe aims and set it very precise. I always have a extra primary. A nightrider blackwater which sits on my left wrist with the battery tank in the bcd pocket. Small, powerful, never in the way when I handle the camera. For wideangle, the build-in focus light is pretty much useles to me when it comes to AF. I aim the strobes away from the center/port, so the build in focus light doesn't help at all. I use a small and cheap Peli from time to time to help the AF and light the center. In my experience a strong light, aimed at the subject often scares it away/wakes everything up. Just my 2 centavos... Cheers Torben
  2. As Alex, I use 105mm and +4 diopter. I'm happy with the setup on the D100. The big advantage is, that it still fits in the port and is affordable. Any extension tube or converter will require a extension for the port. Cheers from Manila Torben
  3. My D100 works with 4GB Kingston CF, but it takes much longer than with 1GB to get a view of the pics. Cheers Torben
  4. Thanks for your answers, I just talked to Dan of Ocean Optics in London. They'll have a chance to test this combination in a couple of days. According to Dan, most of the consumer cameras have also a series of pre-flashes. I'm looking forward to the results... I"ll keep you posted! Cheers Torben
  5. Hi Guys, I try to figur out if the Inon D-2000 works as a slave with a D100/SB800 combination. I got the information that the strobe slave-sensor is at the bottom, but I don't know if a optical cable is required to fire it. I try to get around the optical bulkhead converter. Manual slave function would do. Can it ignore pre-flash? Thanks in advance Torben
  6. wow... Have fun Alex!!! I had the new housing in my hands at the BOOT show a month ago... looked great but they were not 100% sure that everything will fit the D2X... I better start saving up for a new toy now... ;-) Cheers Torben
  7. Housing looks great as all Hugy's do... Is there a service now that is doing support, answers the phone and is selling parts and ports? Last year I sold my F4 housing because of NO qualified support... Cheers Torben
  8. Regarding the Subtronic with exchangable battery: No delivery date. Sounded like they were trying and build some prototypes!? They are aware of the problem and work on a solution... Subtronic has a paper that certifies that it is not dangerous to transport the strobe on a flight. The strobe is not designed to be opened by a customer. The manual states that it is dangerous to open it because of the high voltage parts inside... This is a no-go for many users... Hartenberger is a good strobe in a similar high quality. You can remove the whole battery pack for exchange it or to recharge it if you have only one. In some modells you can change the reflector and light color too. If I would have to buy a aluminum housed strobe tomorrow I would probably go for a Hartenberger instead of a Subtronic. I ordered a set of Inon 220... I think it's the right choice for me... Cheers Torben
  9. @Ron Some parts of my homepage are under construction and were not available the last days. The full res. pics should be up by end of the week. I hope it's up and complete in 2 weeks... Cheers Torben
  10. In my experience, the Subtronic are far too heavy. If you go out for two dives and can't recharge in between you are screwed... I ran out of power all the time. The Subtronic are designed for film based systems. You cannot open the strobe to remove the bulb if a airport security freak is complaining. I talked to Subtronic at the BOOT show in Germany 4 weeks ago. They told me that they plan a strobe with exchangable battery pack which would fix most of the problems that I had with my strobes. I'll never again buy a strobe that does not accept standard cells... Cheers Torben
  11. The 60 is a fantastic lens and if you can get it cheaper you should buy it. If a new model would come out , I don't think it'll be cheaper than the "old" 60mm... Cheers Torben
  12. Just checked out my Subal D100 housing. It has 3fixed and 2 spring pins. Subbal seems to use the 3/2 Version!? @Jolly I used to have a Subtronic 3000pro and a Mega Color. They were just too big, too heavy and to slow in charging, since we normally go out for two to three dives without recharging Option. But the Quality of the Subtronic was just perfect... I really like the idea to work with a couple of battery sets, but I never had the chance to see the Inon or to test them. I hope to find the Inon next week on the BOOT show in Germany, so I can decide... Cheers Torben
  13. Hi Guys, I'm planing to buy a set of Inon Z-220 for my D100 in a Subal housing. Which cable will I need? My Housing is fitted with two Nikonos "N" jacks I've Nikonos "N" cables for Subal strobe housings but I don't think they'll work...!? Which strobe has the same connector than the Inon? Does anybody think the Subtronic mini is a better buy than the Inon? Thanks and cheers from Manila Torben
  14. Looks very interesting. I was able to have a look at theire housings at the last BOOT show in Germany. I especially like the new viewfinder. Fortunately Subal offers the same system now. I had a Sealux Housing for my Nikon F801s. I was very disappointed by their unreliable, unprofessional and slow service. :-( I had a problem with the housing and Sealux had four weeks to get it fixed. After two weeks they told me they have my housing "here somewhere". They promised and promised and I ended up doing my assignment with a borrowed setup of a friend. Sealux returned the housing after I got back and the apperture gear was still not working. I did a mistake once, I'll never get a Sealux product again :!: Cheers from Manila Torben
  15. @Larry, so you visited Boy's resort!? - nice place, perfect photographer support... One of my favorite weekend destinations ;-) @Stu I prefer Anilao over Galera since there is no need of a banca ride to get there... 24h arrival and departure to/from Manila... Did you go to Verde Island from Galera? Have you been to Apo Reef already? Many of my Friends say they prefer it over Tubbataha. The group last week saw hammerheads again... I'll try to go get a slot for the trip in 3 weeks... Tubbataha is set for April May and the whalesharks will be back by May / June... to all: I updated the page again and added some pictures in the wideangle, micro and gallery section. I LOVE PI :!: Cheers from Manila Torben
  16. Hi M. I use fotocommunity.com. This page is generated by theire database. You have many ways to adjust the page to your needs. Pretty easy to deal with... Cheers Torben
  17. Hi guys, I did not introduce myself yet... I'm living in Manila, Philippines and dive the waters around the country. The link below will take you to my picture gallery. Please feel free to post any comments, suggestions or questions and I will be happy to answer them. I specially like the whalesharks of Donsol, Tubbataha reef and the critter paradise Anilao which is only 2 hours drive from Manila. http://home.fotocommunity.com/torbenbohn/ Cheers Torben
  18. Hi Craig, the front can be opened to replace the bulb but it is not designed to be opened all the time. The front ring is smooth, this makes it more difficult to open it. Subtronic offers a plastic card that locks the buttons on the back and has a paper that says the strobe will do no harm, but this is still not enough for some security guys. I prefer AA out, AA in I think. Cheers Torben
  19. Hi Bobf, you are right, the Subtronic are usually not perfect cylinder. There is the dome in the front and the backplate is mounted slightly back. There are neoprene covers available from subtronic to wrap around the cylinder. These protect the housing and compensate for the neg. buoyancy. I used Subtronic 3000pro and Mega Color for a long time. Was happy with them so far. I'm selling them right now because of the size and weight. The build in battery is another issue. I'm tired of running out of power on two dives out trips... You cannot disconnect the pilot light. This brings a hell of trouble when you put them in your luggage, since they are "divelights" to the ground staff of airports. There have been cases of photographers who had to leave theire strobes behind. I'm thinking of getting two Inon Z220. I hope they have enough power. I'm used to 350Ws... Just had a look the the mini specs.. It takes 5-6 hours to recharge them... Cheers Torben
  20. Translation of data sheet from news section: Guidenumber (?) 11 Angle 100° with domeport 0,1 - 2,5sec recycle time capacity: 90 full flashes automatic charger via sync cable illuminated back LED pilot light, activated by camera (focus light) or Switch S6 Socket sturdy aluminum housing high quality digital technic I hope I got it right Cheers from Manila Torben
  21. Hi again, I think the Z200 will fire at the same time as the SB80 as long as only the middle pin and ground are connected. This Pin transmits the signal for the shutter, not the preflash when I'm not mistaken. I don't have a Z200 available to try it... Cheers Torben
  22. Hi Guys, according to Subal, the D100 can only handle one dTTL strobe. The S2pro uses TTL, not dTTL and works with any TTL strobe. If you want to use dTTL the only working way seems the way Alex mentioned above. You could try to "control" the extra strobe with the +/- strobe correction of your D100. This will reduce the power coming from the SB80... I guess you'll end up with two Z220s on manual. Cheers Torben
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