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  1. The two main ideas I exploited this year. Half-water and long exposure. Philippines. Balicasag. Thailnd. Sail Rock.
  2. Looks very similar - certainly a close species. Iniistius pavo - Peacock wrasse but in was taken at Dahab...
  3. Cambodia, Koh-Tang island, night dive The main distinguishing detail - a trap for the plankton
  4. it was pretty hard to choose. Diving this year was very different. First time I dived in fresh water... but... my favourite photo is squid couple dancing in the night. I tried to do it for two years. Indonesia, Lembeh. Canon 5D. Canon 100mm macro, Nexus, Inon 240x2. Different type of lighting(diode/lamp) affected the color of squid. sorry for my english
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