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  1. Never buy anything from Mike at H20 Photo Pros! He has the worst customer service ever. You have to send tons of emails to get a response from him. When you call the shop, no one ever knows anything about your order. “Mike is handling that” is their response. Mike always has to get back to you and he isn’t timely. I ordered the Full fix setup from him and I am very disappointed with the purchase process (not the product). I have ordered many items online and it is pretty simple and standard process. You pick your product. Your card is charged. A receipt is usually sent immediately. A confirmation that your ordered shipped is sent with a tracking number. Your product arrives. No of these things happened automatically in my case. Even when he first charged my card I had to email him 3 days later to get my receipt. I never received a single status on my order that I didn't have to ask for. No tracking numbers, no status updates, nothing! It took over a month to receive my order. Even then it wasn't complete. 1 month after that I finally got the rest of the order. The flip macro lens I bought wasn't what was promised. It has terrible vignetting and in my opinion the photos aren't of a usable quality. It took many emails to try and return the lens. Finally after shipping it back I still haven't received the credit from Mike. Almost 2 months have passed since they received the lens and still no credit. I have sent multiple emails to Mike with no response. I am not at the point of disputing the charge on my credit card to get my money back. If this is the type of experience you expect when spending large amounts of money then I highly recommend these guys. They will deliver like no one else can. <J>
  2. Hi All, I just pickd up a canon G11 camera. I have been toiling and researching which housing and strobes to buy. I was hoping people could help me out by listing the systems they chose and the pro's and con's of that system. Or just give advice about ether system. I am trying to choose between the Fix with Sea & Sea YS-110a strobes or the Ikelite with DS-160 strobes. I like the small size of the Fix but am worried about the DS-TTL over Ikelites eTTL. Also I am afriad the rechargable AA's for the 110a won't hold up as well as the 160's battery pack. I also would like to buy some of the wet mount lenses. Both housing seem to have wet mount options for macro and wide angle but I can't figure out which is better. Cost is a concern but probably not my deciding factor. I think I am more concerned with portablility and versutility since I want to do an around the world backpack trip. I don't want to have to carry a big case for all the gear. Thanks, Jeremiah
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