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  1. Excuse? Since when was that a requirement to buy underwater imaging gear, none of this makes sense any way you look at it, but we do it anyway :-) Rudi Herbert www.UnderwaterCinema.com
  2. Sorry, Ebay link should be working now. Thanks, Rudi Herbert www.UnderwaterCinema.com
  3. The last of my systems, other three sold already. If buyer wants to buy outside of Ebay, then I can reduce $600 off the price as those fees go to Ebay anyway. If you have any questions or offers, contact me at: RudiHerbert@gmail.com but please, do not make me idiotically low offers, I don't care if the Hero 4 can shoot 4K, if you think a RED ONE MX inside a Gates housing and a GoPro, or any other DSLR, are the same thing, then you really have no business buying this camera. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RED-ONE-MX-with-Gates-Deep-Red-Underwater-Housing-/231354378484 Thanks for looking, Rudi Herbert www.UnderwaterCinema.com
  4. Complete Gates/RED, ready to shoot, 4K underwater cinema package! RED ONE MX camera and Gates ‘Deep Red’ housing, with EVERYTHING needed to start shooting 4K underwater. Camera: - RED ONE MX, SSD module, serial number 10230, 1080 hours. ‘Battle Tested’: bought refurbished from RED and never used since purchase, sealed in original box. - PL mount and Optitek Nikon mount, allowing the use of Nikon lenses, including G lenses. - 2 RED Brick batteries & charger. - AC power adapter and cord. - RED 5.6” LCD monitor, no scratches, perfect. - RED Drive, 320 GB drive with power cable, Firewire 800 cable and, of course, cable to camera. - Choice of Tokina 11-16 rectilinear zoom lens or Tokina 10-17 fisheye zoom lens, both with corresponding Gates gears to access focus, zoom and iris functions. Housing: - Gates Deep Red housing, rated to 425 ft, used but in perfect shape. - External monitor for RED LCD, all buttons work, with both older style cable and newer style cable. - Adjustable trim weights. - Gates set of tools. - Complete set of spare 0-rings and parts. - 8” Acrylic WP80 port, again, used but without scratches. - Choice of port extenders: PE 160 for Tokin 10-17 fisheye lens, or PE 286 for Tokina 11-16 rectilinear lens. - Custom made carrying handles. Package Price: US $16,500. Does not include shipping, applicable taxes or transfer of ownership at RED.­­ Will post pics soon. If anyone is worried about my low post count, you can find me on Reduser.net where I post under my name, Rudi Herbert. Please contact me by e-mail at: Rudi@Ideasinblue.com
  5. Hello all, Been away from stills photography for over 6 years now doing video, but recently I got a great condition Nexus housing, from member Sharkman, for my beloved oldie, Nikon D-100. I've been trying to find resources online, information on available lens gears, ports, etc, but haven't found much really. Nexus housings are really great but information so that users can make informed purchases is horrible. Can anybody point me in the direction where I can find some up to date and reliable info and not some badly translated from Japanese bits and pieces? Thanks, Rudi Herbert www.IdeasinBlue.com
  6. Hello all, I'm sure this topic must have been covered before but I searched the forum and couldn't find anything. I have 2 SB-104 strobes that I love but the batteries no longer work and I need to find a replacement for them. I've looked around and couldn't find them anywhere on any of the usual suspects' stores, so is there a place anyone knows about where I can find these battery packs or suitable replacements? I love the strobes and don't want to get rid of them, they're the best I've ever shot, so I want to do whatever it takes to keep them. Thanks, Rudi Herbert
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