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  1. I'm wondering the exact same thing. Right now it's a toss up between the C-5060 and the S60.
  2. hmm. i didnt know that. im starting to question the S60 and am now looking at the C-5060. Anyone have any advice...they both seem good...
  3. nice pics. I'm actually now looking at the S60. You can shoot RAW with it which will make white balance problems go bye bye. It also has an underwater white balance mode. I plan on going to Cuba for a week at the Jibacoa Breezes resort. The coral reef starts right on the beach, so i wont even have to take a boat. I've never done underwater photography before so I hope it works. I also found this website. he uses a S50 without strobes. Its awesome. www.andylim.com derek
  4. Hi there, I'm considering purchasing a Canon S45 with the appropriate housing, but am not ready to buy additional lenses or strobes. Are there any underwater galleries that show the S45 it its basic state? Thanks derek
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